My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 427

Ms. Claire was very worried

“The sausages were prepared, like you requested. Will you go and take a bath now, Mr. Takumi?”
“Wuff! Wuff!”
“Yes. I would like to take a bath and warm myself. Can I leave Leo to you?”
“Mr. Takumi, here.”
“Yes, thank you.”

Leo started to drool, once she heard mention of the sausages.
It was nice that you’re happy, but you should calm down a little, Leo.
The butlers were finding it hard to wipe her, because her tail was wagging so excitedly.
Regardless, I would leave her to their care and go take a bath.

And so I took the towel from the maid and left the entrance hall.

“Hah… I’m all warmed up now.”
“Chomp-chomp… Wuff!”

After I had taken a bath, a maid told me that Leo was in the dining hall, and so I made my way there.
When I entered, I saw that an especially large mountain of sausages had been placed in the center of the table, and Leo had shoved her face inside as she ate them.
She barked when she saw me come in, but quickly moved her attention back to the meal.
The area around her mouth had become sticky with oil… And even though she had been dried off from the rain…she would still have to take a bath tomorrow.
It was too late to do it tonight…

“Ah, there you are, Mr. Takumi. Good work tonight.”
“Mr. Takumi. I’m so glad that you’re alright…”
“Mr. Ekenhart. Ms. Claire. You’re awake.”

Aside from Leo, Sebastian, and some maids, Mr. Ekenhart and Ms. Claire was there and watching over Leo as she ate.
It seemed that they had waited for me without sleep.

“I could not sleep when you were out there, Mr. Takumi. And neither could Claire.”
“Father, nevermind that! Mr. Takumi, are you hurt?”
“Haha, I’m fine. Leo was with me, after all. …Though, to be honest, it got dangerous at one point, but we managed.”
“I see… That is a relief.”

Ms. Claire was very relieved to know that I wasn’t hurt.
While it could not be helped, I did feel bad about making her worry…

“That’s what I’ve been telling you, Claire. Mr. Takumi has been training, and he has Leo. There was no need to worry about him facing some people in the slums.”
“Still, I could not help but be worried. After all, he was hurt during the orc attack on Range village… So it was possible…”
“But Mr. Takumi has the Gift. So he could just grow some Loe for his wounds.”
“Father! You do not understand me! Even if it can be treated, it is better to not be hurt at all!”
“Hahaha! Well, I am fine in the end. So enough about that…”

While it was nice seeing them argue like this, as it showed that they got along, I really didn’t think there was much point in it continuing.
Besides, it felt awkward to have people worry about me. And Mr. Ekenhart was just enjoying teasing his daughter.

“Mr. Takumi. While you were taking a bath, we received a message from a Ractos guard.”

Sebastian said, taking a step forward.
The guards sure moved quickly. Apparently, they had sent a messenger after arresting Deam.
I had stopped to talk with Nick, and also took a bath, so they had enough time to reach the mansion.

“I see.”
“It seems that you declared you were family with Leo and Liza, for everyone to hear.”

I thought it was going to be a report regarding Deam.
Besides, the guards hadn’t been close by when I said that.
They only came later, after hearing the noise.

As Sebastian explained all of this with a smile, Mr. Ekenhart listened to him with an expression of deep interest.
And Ms. Claire was…
She was blushing with a smile… But why?
Deam had mocked me and said that I was just playing at being a family. I had been so angry that I shouted back at him. But having everyone know about it now was a little…embarrassing.
I had meant every word, of course. But some of those lines…were definitely embarrassing when I thought back on them…
I would have to be more careful about the things I say.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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