Ken yo, kaku katariki – 14

14 – Hello! Work


“It’s quite simple. While you have come to this town, I suppose you do not have any solid plans for what you mean to do in the future.”

“Maybe I’ll join the Hunters Guild. That’s what I was thinking…”

Even before I went down the mountain. It wasn’t as if I had absolutely no plan at all.

Thankfully, I had my skills with a sword, trained by the old man. And so I thought that I could make a living by doing something similar to an Adventurer.
…However, this world was so different from what I imagined. But I just assumed that the Hunters Guild was the closest equivalent.

“I think you’ll find that quite difficult.”

The Count rejected my idea flatly, much to my shock.

“In order to enter the Hunters Guild, your knowledge will be tested. You need education.”


The Count took a sip of the tea that he held with one hand, and chuckled. A picture of pure elegance. Unlike me, who had frozen with my hand still reaching for the cup.

“Indeed, the Guild used to prioritize combat ability alone. But recently, things have changed greatly.”

According to him, the guild, or what was required of a hunter, had evolved drastically during that past few decades.

Hunters killed monsters. That being said, this was because the Guild’s first principle was: ‘Hunt monsters and bring peace and stability to the people.’
In other words, Hunters were allies of the people and stood for justice.

However, with technological developments, the number of monsters continued to decrease.
If anything, it was criminal organizations and terrorists that were the bigger threat to humans.

“Amidst all of this, the Hunters Guild’s reason to exist was starting to be questioned. …After all, they are an uncontrollable, independent armed organization. To be frank, the country viewed them as dangerous.”

In fact, the Hunters Guild had traditionally been seen as a nest of ruffians. And it was common enough for Hunters to cause incidents or accidents.
Though, the Guild then forced a great reformation, and reeducated their ill-mannered Hunters.

“And so today, the Guild does not only hunt monsters, but often acts to protect civilians, by answering requests from the police and military. Of course, within certain limitations.
Because of this, the Guild exam takes your past actions and history into account. Someone who has to cooperate with the police and military should not be dangerous. …But you are not even registered, are you? I don’t think you have much hope of passing the exam.”

He was completely right. I could say nothing to argue against it.
It would be the same anywhere. I had no education or employment history. No one knew who I was or where I came from. What company would want to hire me?
…In other words, I would not be able to land a job.

“And so I have a proposition. We shall teach you what you need to know in order to live comfortably in this country. Of course, we shall offer you food and shelter as well. What do you say?”

“…The conditions?”

It was too good to be true!!
There had to be a catch. Free things tended to become the most expensive. That was common sense.
Even if I did help his daughter, there was no way he would do this without any conditions.
The Count silently placed his cup back on the table and smiled. It was horrifying!

“I’m glad that you are quick to understand. …I am an advisor at a certain school. And I want you to work as the instructor of swordsmanship.”

“…You want me to teach swords at a school?”

“Of course. It is a military school. Training with weapons is vital.”

That was a surprise. Swords being necessary in an age of guns. …Well, now that I think about it, Iria had been using a sword when attacked by monsters.

“You become concerned with very odd things.”

The Count laughed with a look of exasperation.

“For instance, if you were attacked by a group of men armed with rifles…would you lose?”

“…I’m sorry. I’ve never experienced that, so I don’t know…”

“Ah, I see. You should try it then. …Guns, you see, are weapons used by people who cannot use magic. Of course, that includes the majority of soldiers. So it is true that they are their main power.”

Well, at least what the old man taught me was not a waste after all.

“But, uh, I’m still in the middle of my own training.”

“Of course, this is not a permanent situation. Unless you want it to be. However, once you have that experience of working as a sword instructor, it will give you a leg up when applying for other jobs. Like a Hunter.”

I didn’t know what to say.
Right now, you don’t have any options. That was what the Count’s eyes seemed to be saying.

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