My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 421

I shouted what I thought

“I don’t feel superior at all. And I won’t allow myself to. Besides…”

I glared at Deam and paused.
He flinched a little, but maybe it was because of Leo, who was next to me.
…I didn’t glare at people often, and it probably had little impact.
Regardless, I took in a deep breath and spoke to him sharply.

“It does not matter if we’re not a real family! Yes, we are not the same race! But we are still her parents! It doesn’t matter if there is no blood connection! You can call it what you want. She has accepted us as substitutes for her parents, and we treat her like a daughter. As long as you believe and care about each other, then it is enough! Appearances and opinions of others don’t matter! Hahh…hah…”
“Wuff. Wuff.”

I was a little out of breath after shouting. Leo pushed her cheek against mine and barked.
I think she was telling me to calm down.
But she was also happy that I had included her.
I really was grateful for Leo.
Though, I wished she wouldn’t wag her tail so strongly.
I think it was hitting the boys, and it probably hurt.


Deam was a little stunned, and became quiet.
Perhaps he now understood that nothing he said mattered?
Well, there was no way that someone who had tormented Liza could change my opinion. But I was glad that he was quiet now.
As for the boys…they looked pale… But perhaps they thought that my anger would turn towards them now, for what they had done to Lizza.
But I wouldn’t do anything, as long as they were sorry…

“Over here. I heard the shouting from over here!”

From far away, I could hear voices and footsteps.
It wasn’t one person…there were several.
Thanks to the sense enhancing herbs, I could hear them through the rain.
Of course, the boys and Deam could not hear them. And so it was only Leo and me who turned to look in their direction.

“Are they your friends…?”
“Wuff. Wuff-wuff.”

I wondered if they were related to Deam, but he just glared at me and did not answer.
He did not seem like he thought he would be rescued any time soon…
Unless he was just a good actor, but I doubted it.
Just then, Leo said something interesting.

She said that she could hear the sounds of scraping metal as well.
Since they seemed to be running towards us…perhaps it was the sound of armor.
In that case…

“The guards?”

At the mention of guards, the boys and Deam all shuddered.

“Wuff…? Wuff-wuff.”
“I see. But why here…?”

According to Leo, she sensed that one of them was the guard who we had met at the gate.
But we hadn’t told him where we were going, so it seemed odd that he was here.
Perhaps someone who had witnessed what had happened then went to call the guards.

While Leo was wet and looked a lot smaller, she still had the body of a giant wolf.
And so when they saw Leo attacking the men, they might have thought that she was a monster who had invaded the town.

“…Well…I guess we won’t have to carry them now?”

As they were already captured, we just needed to hand them over here, and then our job would be finished.
And so we waited for them to arrive.

“Hey, what are you doing here!”
“They really are guards. Uhh… I saw these men attacking these children, and so I came to help.”

The familiar guard came running towards us.
I could see him clearly thanks to the herbs, but even with a magic torch, he could not see us well.
And so I quickly explained to them what had happened.

“These men…? Ah, the ones tied up over there… And who are you? You look suspicious.”
“Wait, wait. I’m not like that at all.”

Apparently, the guards didn’t trust me.
And now the boys were looking at me silently, as if to deny my claim.
Well, maybe I did look suspicious.

“I see that you have a big monster with you… Come over here!”
“Uh… Fine… Let’s go.”

And so we headed to the corner of the clearing.
I suppose we would be questioned…

…but I had met this guard many times already. Was it so dark that he still didn’t recognize us?
And so I walked over to the guard, who then turned his back and told us to follow him into a narrow alley that Leo could barely fit in. And then he turned to face us.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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