My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 432

I trained a little longer than usual

While Liza should not have known about what Leo and I were doing last night, she seemed to have sensed that it was for her.
I suppose that she had a sharpness that came from being a beastkin.
Or perhaps this was just her being mischievous, because we had left her alone yesterday.

While I hadn’t suffocated, covering someone’s face while they were sleeping was rather questionable.
Still, I would not mention it.
…Was I being too soft?

“…Uhh… Papa!”
“Oh. What is it, Liza?”
“Sister Lyra was with me yesterday, but I was sad that you and mama were gone…”
“Oh…really? Sorry about that. We’ll try to stay with you as much as possible.”

Suddenly, Liza looked like she was about to cry, and she wrapped her arms around me.
Apparently, she was sad about our absence last night.
It was unfortunate that though we acted for her, we ended up making her sad.
And so I patted her on the head and said that we would be with her as much as possible.

I was probably being too soft, but I didn’t have much experience with such things.
Well, there was a father of two daughters in the same house… But Mr. Ekenhart wasn’t a good example to follow…I think.

He was also quite weak when it came to Ms. Claire.

“Good morning.”
“Good morning, Mr. Takumi, Leo, Liza.”

And so we got ready for the day and then went down to the dining hall.
It was already close to lunch time, and so we were not able to eat breakfast with everyone else.
When we entered, Ms. Gelda and a few maids were there, preparing the food for us.
I greeted them, and quickly ate the late breakfast.
Ms. Helena’s food was as delicious as always.

After that, I gave Leo a bath, and then went out into the garden to use Weed Cultivation in order to restock on some herbs, and check up on the garden.

Ms. Claire and the others were busy dealing with the slums, and they were apparently eating lunch in their rooms.
And so I joined Tilura and Sherry, who had finished with her studies, and Leo continued her diet training with Sherry.
As for Tilura and I, we started our usual sword training.

Fighting against Deam had shown me how lacking I still was, and so I trained harder than usual.
In the meantime, Leo, Sherry and Liza continued to run around like they did yesterday.
I wondered if Liza wouldn’t get tired… But also was just running around enough for Sherry?
Perhaps Leo should teach her how to fight as a fenrir.

Well, I didn’t know about any of that, and would just have to leave it to Leo.

“Mr. Takumi. You seem to be training harder than usual?”
“Really? …I suppose I am.”

While I was resting and drinking water, Tilura questioned me about my training. She didn’t know about what had happened last night, and so she was puzzled.

“Well, something happened. And it made me want to get stronger.”
“I see. That is a good thing!”

Even if she didn’t know the reason, Tilura nodded happily.
But my reason was simple.
It was merely because I had felt like I was in danger at one point, during my fight with Deam.

Had he pushed through my defenses, then I could have been injured. And so I wanted to be able to handle a sword better.
In the end, it was Leo who got him…
If I wanted to protect Liza, then I would have to get stronger.
That being said, while training was good, I did not want to get too consumed with pursuing power either.

Besides, even with an expert like Mr. Ekenhart nearby, I had never felt bad, or that I wanted to surpass him.

“Mr. Takumi. Lady Tilura. I see you are training.”
“Hmm? Phillip?”
“What is it?”

After we finished resting and returned to our sword training, someone called to us.
It was Phillip, one of the guards.
As they generally guarded the outside of the house, it was unusual to see him in the back garden.
Aside from that, I was also a little concerned about Sherry and Leo, who were still being chased around by Leo.
Liza was smiling, but Sherry looked like she was about to collapse.
Even if it was necessary for her diet, I didn’t want her to be pushed too far…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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