My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 458

I thought about Ms. Claire

“Something that suits you…”

Ms. Claire stared at me as she waited for an answer.
And so I thought about her.
Perhaps she felt a little anxious, as her hand seemed to quiver a little as she held her teacup.
…Apparently, this was a very serious question for her.
She did not seem like someone who wasn’t confident in herself… But in any case, I could tell that this was not the time to make a joke or say something strange.


I had first met Ms. Claire in the fenrir forest.
She had gone there in order to find herbs to cure Tilura’s illness.
It was a bold thing for a lady to do, when she could not even fight. She could have waited, or brought guards with her. But I suppose she felt like she had to do something when her sister was ill.
While it was sweet, it was also reckless.
This impulsiveness might be a result of being influenced by her father.

She was also very curious about things, and was not scared of Leo when we first met.
The second time we went to the forest was because Ms. Claire wanted to fight other fenrirs or Silver Fenrir.

Aside from that, we also went to Ractos together, and she had hugged Liza gently etcetera.
There was also that time we were together in my room… Well, Leo was also there, and it had been a little awkward.
After thinking about all of that, I started to not know what to say to her…

“…Uh, you don’t have to think about it so seriously. I…was just wondering, that’s all. I didn’t think you would have so much trouble with it.”

Ms. Claire seemed a little frantic when she saw that I was thinking hard.
But her look suggested that she indeed really wanted to hear an answer.
So, how should I reply…

“Well, you know… No, I’m sorry. I cannot think of a clear answer.”
“…I see.”

I did not know Ms. Claire long enough to say anything for sure.
While I had grown to know her more than most people, there was still a lot that I didn’t know.
There was probably a lot that she didn’t show me…
However, I did have my own idea of her, that I could tell her about.

“You are a kind person. Most people would not have gone to search for herbs in the forest, even if it was for their sister. You help to look after Liza, and it’s partially because of you that she feels safe here.”

As I talked while looking straight into her face, Ms. Claire seemed to turn a little red.
Was she getting embarrassed?

“That being said, going to the forest alone is dangerous. So I hope you won’t do that again…”
“That was…!”

Ms. Claire turned her face away when I brought that up.
While her going had led to us meeting her…I still wanted her to avoid any danger.
I suppose it was similar to how she worried about me.

“And though you are sometimes harsh with others, it is usually because you care about them. You are always thinking about others. In general, I think you are a kind, intelligent and wonderful person.”
“…It’s because…as a duke’s daughter…as a lady…”
“Even if that is the case, it is still a good thing. Besides, perhaps I should not make comparisons, but Ms, Anne is also a noble and…”
“Anne is… Her mind is not quite right. Just look at her hair… And she says her suggestions to Count Barsler were so he wouldn’t disturb her sleep…”
“Haha. Yes, that is true.”

I was surprised by that as well.
Regardless, she had acted very grand and like a noble at first. But she was more quiet recently.

Maybe she had affected by Ms. Claire and the others. However, she was definitely easier to talk to now.
And she did unexpected and amusing things.

“Back to the topic at hand… I think that you are a true lady. Though, there are times when you really let loose. Like when you went to search for fenrirs.”
“…I am sorry about that.”
“No, not at all. I knew that you were interested in Silver Fenrirs. Having some restraint is good, but… I also think it is good to push the way you think to the forefront as well. After all, you do not want to let others crush you.”

When I brought up the time she suggested we go to the forest, Ms. Claire became very apologetic.
Of course, I didn’t mind going at all.
Though, I was surprised that she pushed back against the objections of Sebastian and the servants.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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