My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 459

I succeeded in surprising Sebastian

“In any case, I suppose that I think of you as someone who is both kind and strict, and can surprise people by your ability to act…?”
“Being kind is good… But what about surprising people?”
“I don’t see the problem with that. At least, I find it quite amusing. So I think you should stay as you are.”
“As I am…”

While Ms. Claire wasn’t sure about it, I did not see that trait as a negative thing.
If anything, I wished that she would surprise me more often. Was it rude to think that way?
Besides, I suppose it was less amusing for her servants and Sebastian.
No, Sebastian might enjoy it as well.

“Sorry that my thoughts are quite scattered. I wish I had a better answer for you…”
“No, I am just glad that you took the time to think about it. Thank you.”

She said with a smile, and blushed slightly.
I didn’t really know how to react during such times.
And so I would say things that were unnecessary.

“Uh, well. You could just do reckless things occasionally, and amuse others.”
“…You want me to be reckless in order to entertain you?”

Ms. Claire said with a look of annoyance.
And while that expression was also amusing… I really had said too much.
But there was no taking it back now.

“I sometimes think that you care too much about how things should be, that you do not show yourself as much as you could. I think you should be more selfish, and do whatever you want, I guess?”
“…And that would amuse you?”
“Well, yes. As long as you aren’t hurting others… But I know you wouldn’t do that. I just enjoy seeing you more lively.”

It sounded strange when she worded it like that, but I had a feeling that it was what she was interested in.

“It reminds me of how you told little Liza to not hold back and be so modest. I see…”
“Haha. I’m sorry for sounding like I’m lecturing you.”
“No, it’s fine. I was the one who asked you.”

It might have been rude of me to say so much, but Ms. Claire was smiling.
Apparently, she was not upset.

“I shall…think about it then.”
“But maybe don’t think about it too much?”
“Since it was you who said it… Oh, very well. I shall not take it too seriously or be in a rush.”

It was then that I heard a voice coming from some distance away.
Ms. Claire seemed to hear it as well, as she turned her head in the direction that it had come from.
Liza had been sleeping against Leo, but her ears were now perked up and twitching.

“It looks like it is time for them to wake up?”
“Indeed. As they have slept well, I bet they will have plenty of energy now.”
“Hehe. That should be fun.”
“Haha, yes.”

Liza rubbed her eyes as she woke up.
And then Leo, Sherry, and Tilura began to move as well.
Only Ms. Anne was still in a deep sleep while drooling
I averted my eyes and Ms. Claire and I smiled. Now that we had finished our tea, we made our way towards Leo and the others.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Ekenhart.”
“Mm… I was not waiting long. What is it? You said you had something to show me before dinner.”

After the others woke up, Ms. Claire and I played with them for a short while.
And then I remembered something, and asked one of the maids to go and call for Mr. Ekenhart.
As it would be dinner soon, I received a message to meet Mr. Ekenhart in the dining hall. And so I left the others in the garden and went to go meet him.
Mr. Ekenhart was already waiting there, and Sebastian stood next to him.

Due to Liza’s influence, he kept his beard shaved recently.
And sitting there in the back of the room with Sebastian gave him a great sense of authority.
He was the duke, and not just some friendly old man.

“Yesterday, we talked about making Loe…”
“You wanted to have it prepared for soldiers in different locations.”
“Yes. And so I made some, so we could start by having some stocked up in this mansion.”
“Already? That was quick.”
“I know that Sebastian was supposed to decide, but… Since we are going to the forest tomorrow, I thought there should be some stored here, just in case. As Liza and Rosalie helped, it was not much trouble.”

And so I took out the Loe and showed it to them.
Mr. Ekenhart and Sebastian had not expected me to prepare it so quickly, and so they were quite surprised.
…As for me, there was something satisfying in being able to surprise Sebastian.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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