My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 460

I made too much Loe

“Well, since I made it without permission, you might not want it yet… I can always just keep it.”
“…As it is a rare herb, we would gladly accept it regardless. I see, because we are going to the forest.”
“Yes. But with Leo and the guards, and Mr. Ekenhart… There is little chance of being injured. I suppose I am being paranoid?”
“No, we are grateful. I am still worried that something could happen to Tilura. And so I can relax now. Though, if the guards were injured from orcs, then it would mean that their training has been insufficient.”
“Your Grace…I don’t think…”

As Loe was rare, I doubted they would not take it, and I was right.
But putting that aside, Mr. Ekenhart was also worried about Tilura.
Even though it had been his idea, he still felt a little anxious.
It was probably similar to what I had been discussing with Ms. Claire. He wanted her to grow quickly, but also didn’t want her to do anything dangerous.

Still…Mr. Ekenhart sure was strict when it came to the guards.
And so Sebastian looked at him admonishingly.
I had heard that orcs could be dangerous for even guards, if they let their guard down… Of course, it was different for Mr. Ekenhart.
He was skilled enough to hit Leo. And during the mock battle, I had barely been able to see his movements.
Sometimes, I wondered if he was even human… Well, he had to be, since he had two daughters.

“Hmm, what is it, Mr. Takumi?”
“…No, it’s nothing. In any case, I made all of this, just in case any one of us is injured.”
“…Surely that is too much?”
“Mr. Takumi…that much Loe is worth a fortune.”

The two looked surprised when they saw me place the Loe on the table.
Oh? It’s too much?
Uh, aside from me, Leo, Tilura and Mr. Ekenhart, there would be a few servants and guards as well… So it would be at least ten people.

As I had to make other herbs as well, I had to be careful that I didn’t use the Gift too much… And so I had just made two for each person.
I didn’t know the exact numbers, so I had made a little extra. There were thirty placed on the table.

“I thought that it might not be enough…”
“Going to the forest will not result in that many injuries. A place that would require that much Loe would be too dangerous to go to in the first place.”
“I see… Well, indeed.”

With Leo there, orcs and trolls would not be that dangerous.
While a horde of them would be dangerous, that seemed unlikely, considering my experiences in the forest.
We knew that there would be other fenrirs, because we found Sherry, but Leo would deal with them…
It wasn’t decided yet how many days we would be staying there, but I could always make more if it was needed, so I understood what Mr. Ekenhart was saying.

“Well, we can take some of it with us to the forest…and use the rest elsewhere. Since Mr. Takumi is fine with the wholesale price, we can count as part of the stock that will be sent to the soldiers.”
“Huh? Oh, since this was made for the forest journey, and I might use it… I don’t need to get paid.”
“That won’t do, Mr. Takumi. You have a contract with the duke. To be honest, even at the wholesale price, buying this much Loe will be difficult…but it must be done.”
“Indeed. While Mr. Takumi is modest, because he is being allowed to live in this house, we cannot take advantage of it, as long as there is a contract.”
“Hah… I’m sorry for getting carried away and making so many…”

Mr. Ekenhart wanted to give the extra Loe to the guards, like we had discussed yesterday.
That was a good thing, but since I had just gone ahead and made it, I hesitated to accept payment.
Sebastian was nodding in agreement with Mr. Ekenhart. It looked like I would have little choice.
Perhaps I should be happy to get paid, but since they had been so good to me, and this was an unexpected expense for them, I felt sorry…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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