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SS1 – Yukito Choosing a Phone I

Even if it was a military academy, the atmosphere was quite relaxed.
As they were training to be officers, all graduates would one day join the army—or so you would think.
However, the paths they could take varied widely. Indeed, many did join the army, but others became Hunters or joined the police force. There were even people who settled in private companies.

The reason for this was due to how free-thinking the original chairperson was. That was the rumor, anyway.
But the truth was a little different.

Two generations ago, during the age of the Red Emperor, the empire fell into a serious economic panic.
Expanding the battleline without planning, rising military costs, corruption, and many other problems… And the military academy was no different. It was also in danger.

Their solution at the time was to try and leave the management of the academy to a private company. It seems ridiculous now.
Of course, they were careful in handling classified information, so that it did not leak. However, what they were teaching at the time was more general combat arts.
And in the contract, it required that a certain number of students serve in the military.

So for a time, it was really just a military academy in name alone.
That being said, they could not stop the leaking of all of their techniques, which resulted in giant private military companies being born later on.
Well, this too was also a rumor. The military would not confirm any of it.

However, they eventually got funding from imperial nobles, which put a stop to this trend.
Many of them were graduates of the academy, and were concerned enough to want to rebuild the old school.

That being said, it wasn’t as if everything would go their way.
After all, at that time, there were already various companies who had invested in it.
While they were able to eradicate any influences or pressures from criminal or foreign powers, it was much more difficult to do anything about the unrelated companies.
Still, after years of clashing and negotiations—the military academy finally reshaped itself into what it was today.

In other words, entrusting the students with autonomy.
While they were encouraged to pursue a military career, it was not forced. Though, students with such an education were rare and valued, which meant that those who had such knowledge would be monitored by the empire for the rest of their lives, even if they decided to work at an ordinary company.

—So, what about the student council?

Freedom always comes with a price. Responsibility.
They understood more than anyone, that responsibility was something tangible.

“President. I have finished with these documents.”

“Thank you, Iria.”

It was already night time. Not evening, but completely night. And yet the members of the student council were still moving around busily.
The preliminaries of the Combat Technique Tournament were to be held next month, and it was almost Summer, but the night still felt a little chilly.

I was currently paying the student council a visit.

After the training with Ms. Aize was finished, I had encountered Ms. Iria. She said that she was busy with work and would be able to train today.
As she looked quite sad, without thinking, I offered to help her.

Sherry took the documents from Ms. Iria with one hand as she continued to type on the keyboard.

She was using a computer. However, it was not the same kind of computer that I was familiar with. More of an information processing device made with magic engineering. Apparently, they called it an Ether Formula Desk. It was abbreviated to EFOD, but ether desk seemed to be more common.

I did not recognize any of the rows of keys, and the screen just had a lot of scrolling characters. I had no idea how to use it.
This certainly was no Windows…

“Can everyone use this?”

“…Yes. I suppose…”

“No, you can’t, Iria.”

Rev said with an exasperated look. Ms. Iria averted her eyes.
Was she bad with electronics?

“No. It’s just that they tend to break when I try to use them.”

“Because you’re so bad with them.”

“Iria doesn’t really specialize in office work…”

Ms. Sherry said with a chuckle. Her fingers continued to glide smoothly over the keys. And at a great speed.
It was clear that she was in a league of her own.

Speaking of Ms. Iria, she held the position of Vice-president.
Elections were held for those positions. Apparently, having the skills to work in an office had not been considered.

“But what about you, teacher?”

“What about…me…”

‘Yes, I used a computer in my past life.’
Was something I could not say, and so I kept my mouth shut.
After all, I had little contact with machinery since coming to this world.

“Now that I think about it, you don’t even have a physiphone, do you?”

Said Ms. Sherry, and I tilted my head.

“A what?”


Ms. Iria pulled out a portable device from her breast pocket. It looked like one of those old slider phones.

“I’ve seen them before, but…”

Yes, the butler had told me that it was too early to have one. And things had been left like that.
There had been plenty of opportunities for me to get one, but I had hesitated.

“What! But they are so convenient!”

“Well… Uh, that’s true, but…”

There are a lot of things you need to get a contract. Identification was already a problem. It all just seemed so troublesome.

And then Ms. Iria put a finger to her mouth and murmured, ‘Hmmm…’

“In that case, since there’s no school tomorrow, why don’t we go and buy one?”


“Ah, good idea! Yes! Actually, let’s just do it now.”

“Do you have any idea what time it is…”

Ms. Sherry had raised her hand, a little too excitedly, and Rev had to shoot her down.

“But why not? The store’s still open?”

“Students should not be walking about so freely at this hour.”

“Yes, but we’ll have a teacher accompanying us.”

Ms. Sherry retorted to Rev, and then she turned her eyes towards me.
Huh? Me?
I felt all three of them staring.


Of course, not.
Yes, I was technically a teacher. But I was really just the instructor who taught swords. I had no certificates. It was not official.
I could not take students out into the city in the middle of the night.


“I’m not going to run away. We can do it tomorrow.”

I said to Ms. Sherry, who had pouted with great discontent. And hen she smiled.
As if I had made a pledge.

“Alright then. Tomorrow, we will take Teacher Yukito to buy a physiphone! We will gather Daitetsu Station before 12!”


I felt as if I was tricked. But there was no way out of it now.
Well, it probably was best to have one…this was a good opportunity.
Even if they were amusing themselves as if I was a toy…I might as well go with it.

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Ken yo, kaku katariki ~ Ken to mahō no isekai ni tensei shita noni jitsu wa bunmei ga gendai reberu datta ken

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