My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 474

We made our way to the river

“It’s true. Besides, you wouldn’t really do anything that would trouble someone.”

What was this… Ever since we talked about going to the forest, Ms. Claire seemed to act differently…
Perhaps it had to do with the conversation we had in the garden before.
She had been quite strict with herself before. And so my words may have made her feel less constrained?
She wasn’t one to make fun of me like that before. But she also looked quite cute doing it.

“Ah! Mr. Ekenhart?”
“Lunch is ready. Sorry to disturb you two while you were having fun.”
“It is thanks to Lyra. Now, let us go, Mr. Takumi.”
“Uh, yes.”

Appparently, Mr. Ekenhart had been watching us… I wonder how much he had heard?
Well, it was nothing bad, but it was still embarrassing.

Not only that, but Mr. Ekenhart was grinning while telling us that lunch was ready.
And though he apologized, he did not look sorry at all. Which was like Mr. Ekenhart.
I wondered if Ms. Claire would look at him reproachfully…but she did not seem to notice as she pulled me by the hand towards the bonfire.

I guess she didn’t care? But when I glanced at her face, she seemed to be blushing a little.

Before we started eating, Liza asked me why I was smiling. But since I didn’t really know the reason myself, I made up a random excuse.
…I suppose it was because I had talked to Ms. Claire and seen an unusual side to her?
Leo looked at me and sighed, but continued to eat the sausages that Ms. Lyra had cooked for her.

“Now, please take care of the rest.”
“I’ll go then.”
“Leave it to u.”

We cleaned up after eating and prepared to go into the forest.
The fire was left as is, for the guards who would remain here.
Once everyone was ready, Sebastian and Mr. Ekenhart talked to the people who would stay.
There were two guards, one butler and one maid.

After letting the horse rest for a while, they would then return to the mansion.
As there were many horses and multiple carriages, they needed four people to stay.
The guards replied, and the butler and maid bowed deeply as we entered the forest….

“Are you alright, Tilura?”
“Yes, I’m still fine!”

As we walked through the forest, Mr. Ekenhart called to Tilura, who was next to him.
He was concerned because this was her first time in the forest.
We were headed to the same camp site that we went to last time. And as they were experienced, Phillip and Nicholas took the lead.
The two were using their swords to cut down any branches or tall grass that were in our way.
This made it easier for everyone else to walk.

Sebastian and one other butler walked behind them, and they were also using short swords to cut down vines and plants.
And then Mr. Ekenhart and Tilura followed them, and then Ms. Claire, Ms. Anne, Johanna and Lyra.
Next was Leo, who carried Liza. I walked next to them, while the maids and guards took the rear.
Sherry was walking between Ms. Claire and Leo.
As we were in the forest now, she was to exercise, and not ride on Leo the whole time.

“…This is a nostalgic smell!”

Liza was smelling the scent of the trees.
Beastkin had better hearing than humans. Perhaps it was also true with their sense of smell.
I understood that Leo and Sherry had sharp senses…but Liza’s nose looked like a normal human nose.
Also, she said it smelled nostalgic… Surely that also had to be related to being a beastkin.

Apparently, they used to hunt a lot. It might be instinct then. I would not be surprised.
As for Leo, she was wagging her tail and seemed to be in a good mood, just like last time.
I didn’t know if it was because this was the fenrir forest, or she would be like this in any forest. But it was a good thing.
…Sherry did not seem too happy… But I suppose it was because she would have to train with Leo later.

“…When the trees are this close together, it gets dark…”
“Indeed. But according to Sebastian, it gets even darker, deeper into the forest.”
“Then I won’t be able to see anything…”
“In such cases, you use magic. Well, or a torch. But if you have magic, you can have light for as long as you have mana.”

Up ahead, I could hear Mr. Ekenhart and Tilura talking.
Apparently, Tilura was amazed by how dark it was.
But like Mr. Ekenhart said, it was quite bright compared to other parts of the forest. Like where we found Sherry.
After all, I could see my feet.

Still, while Ms. Claire had gotten tired quite quickly in the forest, Tilura was still fine.
I’m sure that part of it was excitement, but it must also have to do with her daily training.
I also didn’t feel as tired compared to last time.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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