Paintbrush Summoner – 27

Chapter 27 – Wind Demise of the Wind House

“Queen Mamnak, who are these people…”

A young male elf asked her.

“I’m sorry, everyone. While I was on my way to the town to get help, I bumped into these people, causing them to be captured as well. There is no help coming.”

She said while clenching her fist. The other groaned in despair. But some of them were happy that she was safe.

They must really trust her.

And so Menew opened his mouth, hoping to do something about the grave atmosphere.

“Well, there is no need to panic. Just listen…”

“My mistake will affect all of you. They will likely feed us less. But continue to give us magic energy so that we do not die. I hope we can all survive…”

“To what…”

“We understand. Even now, while not as strong as you, we have high magic energy. We shall survive no matter what.”

“Listen to me!”

This surprised even the elves, and they finally turned to look at Menew. Ralph sat next to him with his eyes closed. He would not interfere.

Menew scratched his head and sighed.

(To be honest, I was just dragged into this. I could run away and report it to the Knights Guild, so they could handle it… But I’m already here. This criminal organization will be destroyed. It’s just a matter of it being now or later!)

He told himself, and then asked the elves to sit down.

“It’s as Mamnak said. We just bumped into each other. However, I think that I can help you. And so I need you to calm down and explain things to me.”

The elves looked at each other, and then the young man started to talk as their representative.

“I am the elf chief, Yasson. I am sorry that you got involved in all of this… But is it true that you can help?”

“Aye, I think so. Mamnak has told me a little. So tell me more about this Wind Demise gang and this fortress.

The man looked at Mamnak, and they nodded at each other. Apparently, they had decided to rely on Menew.

“They are slave merchants. One pillar of the Wind house. The Wind house is the root of it all. A very old house. However, it is the Wind Demise that the elves fear.”

So they were like one department of a large company. That was why they could hire a barrier master.

“Elves live much longer than humans. And so they try to sell us to the elderly, so they can take us back after they die. As they are an organization, even if the leader retires, a new leader will come. In fact, Harl came here around the time that Mamnak was born. I don’t know how much he is making…but even if they only sell two or three of us a year, they make considerable profits.”

As they were mortal enemies, he knew a lot about them.

I would have to keep in mind that crushing them would mean the Wind house would target me. Well, let them try.

“I myself have been brought back after being sold once. The treatment of us was horrible. Besides…when being sent out, we are made to wear collars that prevent us from using magic.”

Said one elf woman with a dark expression. It must have been very hard. And then be brought back.

Yasson continued.

“There are several barrier masters cutting off the source of our magic. However, Queen Mamnak had the power to interfere with them. And so we waited for her to grow old enough, and once her ability was strong enough, she broke through the barrier and escaped in order to get help.”

Menew stopped here and thought.
In his hands was the sketchbook and brush.
Regardless of how Ralph would react, he decided to use it. However, the organization was larger than he had anticipated.

(If I wanted to overwhelm and suppress them speedily, it would be hard if I’m alone.)

If it was just Menew, he had his sword, and he could use time manipulation magic. If he opened a hole, Ralph could easily escape.

However, if he wanted to ensure the elves were safe at the same time, it would be best to stay with them.


Stan flew in through one of the windows.

As he had followed while in this small form, it had taken some time.

And as soon as he was inside, he started to peck at the ropes that bound Menew and Ralph.

(Stan, huh…Stan…Horus-tan… That’s it!)

Now that he was freed, Menew held the sketchbook and brush and turned towards the elves.

“Now, we are going to take over this fortress with ‘numbers.’”

He said with a confident smile. And then Menew began to draw in the sketchbook.

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