A History of the Lioncourt War – 1


“xxx! xxxx!”


Damn. I had no idea what he was saying.




And then the giant swung the wooden stick at my head… Of course, I could not do anything but allow it to hit.


…So that was where the pain had come from…I was being struck… Ahh, it was hell alright.


I had only just woken up, but I lost consciousness quickly.



I awaken once again.


A bed? I’m on a bed…but it’s filthy. And it stinks.


I pulled myself up and checked my surroundings.




I can feel the pain on the parts of my body that the giant had hit…my head and shoulders.


I bear the pain and look around. It’s a barebones stone room that is dimly lit.

I might have mistaken this room for a prison were it not for the small window.


Children’s singing could be heard from outside.

It wasn’t the most harmonious singing, but there was pleasant laughter in the mix.


…From outside of the window.


On shaky legs, I move to look out of the oddly high window. A little girl and boy who appeared to be foreigners were playing as they stuck their feet into a tub of water.


Playing with water…no, they were stepping on something…it was apparently laundry.


Stepping on your laundry? …This window didn’t even have glass in it…that wasn’t right?


I tilt my head to the side.

On closer inspection, this dark room didn’t have any electric lights at all.


A filthy bed and a glassless window. A ceiling without lights… And there were foreigners outside of the window.


This was all very strange, I thought to myself. Just then, the children noticed me, and ran away hurriedly.


…Oh? What was the matter…


I wondered about this for a while. Then the door suddenly opened.


The person who entered was a foreign woman.

A gentle-looking woman in her thirties with light brown hair and green eyes…her face was definitely in the realm of pretty.


But she was also a giant.

My head only reached up to her chest.


“xxxxxx, xxxxx!”


And I could not understand her either.

It wasn’t English. Not being able to communicate at all was incredibly inconvenient, and this was quite uncomfortable.


The woman saw my reaction and furrowed her eyebrows suspiciously.


Next, the not exactly respectable-looking giant with dark hair appeared. He too said something to me…but I couldn’t understand it either.


“Sorry, does anyone here speak Japanese? My name is Tadashi Tanaka.”


A strangely high-pitched voice comes from my throat.


The two giants heard this and looked at each other oddly.


“Do you know Japanese?”


This time I ask in English. It wasn’t the best, and it was also useless… I had thought that English might do the trick.


“Nǐ hǎo. Bonjour. Ciao. Guten Morgen.”


I fired off with random words I knew in other languages, but none of them got through… Well, it’s not as if I would have been able to answer to any French or Italian, but I had to try.

It was a mental drain to not know anything.




The woman fell to her knees and burst into tears.


The male giant called to her as if to comfort her, but it seemed to have the opposite effect. She began to shout at him in hysteria.

Take that, bastard.

Yes, give it to him.


I smirked as the male giant flinched under her accusations. Even if you ignored the fact that they were giants, watching these two foreigners fight had quite the impact.


Still, these two were dressed a little strangely, or should I say, plainly… Was this some small village in the far countryside of Eastern Europe?

The man even had a sword on his waist.


I had an odd feeling when I saw that. And then I finally realized…I was now involved in something completely insane.

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