Cave King – 34


If I gave the command, Ashton and the others would likely obey…


“I know… We should search the sea to make sure we haven’t missed any survivors. Erevan. Can I count on you?”


Even though the battleship had split in half, there may still be orcs that survived.


“Of course. Hey, you. Follow me.”


Erevan took the goblins, kobolds, and Cave Spiders, and set off by boat.


Now… I guess it was time to talk to these orcs.

And so I addressed the handsome orc, who was still in a state of shock…Kamyu.


“Kamyu, was it? Are you really the head of the Korbas?”

“…I am. Well, maybe it would be more accurate to say that I ‘was.’ My men are all shark food. We have no treasure and no ships to return to…”


He said this much before he burst into laughter.


“Go ahead. Kill me… I have no reason to live anymore. No, I am probably already dead… Being attacked by such a monster, coming to this island… And then some cute human killed the monster.”


Well, I suppose it was no surprise.

The Leviathan was the stuff of legends.

Being attacked by one was already difficult to believe, but then they landed on an island where an enemy he had just fought was waiting…

And then some human had shown up with abnormal powers and killed the Leviathan with a giant boulder.


Though, the part about being cute was unnecessary…


In fact, even I didn’t quite understand what I had done.

However, I knew that I was alive.

It was the same with Kamyu and these orcs.


“You can think what you like… But I have no intention of killing you.”

“…Huh? But I tried to take this island from you? Besides, we’re enemies to these kobolds…”


Then Ashton opened his mouth.


“Kamyu. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t hate you all. But we serve Lord Heal now, and have been severed from our past. Just like the Berdan were before us…”


He was biting his lips pretty hard.


It had only been days ago that their queen was killed…

And the one responsible was right in front of him.


However, he also understood that he, in turn, was someone else’s mortal enemy.

After all, had he not killed Erevan’s son?


“It is not for us to decide your fate. What happened between us is in the past…”


Just then, the younger brother, Haines, patted Ashton on the shoulder.


Then Haines turned to me.


“The Korbas are not quite the same as the Gofel orcs. The Gofel kill all their enemies without mercy. But even if the Korbas sink ships, they will save the crew from drowning. Of course, it is likely to sell them or collect ransom money… But… What I’m trying to say is…”


Perhaps it was a roundabout way of saying that I need not be so worried on their behalf.


I had heard about the Korbas myself.

When royal trading ships were attacked, there were times when you could pay your way out of being attacked.


Furthermore, there was a story about a member of a ship’s crew that was saved after being shipwrecked two years ago. This man had lost an arm and was poor, so he could not pay his ransom.

Once the leader of the Korbas found out about this…in other words, Kamyu, he decided that there was no point in shaking an empty purse, and so the man was just released.


And so the Korbas were only at war in order to survive on the cruel seas.

They were not like some others, who took pleasure in killing without reason.


Kamyu could not hide his surprise at hearing Ashton and Haines’s words.


And so I said to him,


“…You can, of course, leave if you wish. But I don’t know if that will be possible since you have no ship… So, you might have to stay here for a while?”


Upon hearing this, Kamyu answered with a trembling voice.


“…Do-do you really mean it?”

“I don’t see how I have a choice? Besides, if you do stay, you’ll have to work hard. We are not so stable here that we can afford to feed prisoners who are locked in a cell.”


Kamyu heard this and tears fell from his eyes as he shouted.


“…You! You are…truly a man of the sea!!”


And with that, he broke the bindings on his wrists.

Then he spread out his arms and tried to jump on me.

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  1. Yeah, the leviathan is dead, and the sea orc boss is quite… special (the “cute human” part should have been enough). What can I say, there’s plenty to happen next, lolz.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. Uh is it too late to throw these guys into the sea? Rienna needs to stake her claim on her man before Kamyu does something to the ‘cute’ human.

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