Cave King – 47


In the kingdom of Sanfaris, all the royals and nobles had servants help them before they got into the water. 

It wasn’t just that. People served them food and drink and played music for them whenever they wanted. None of them ever bathed when they were alone.


I myself had servants help me when I was little… But at some point, they all became very cold, and I had to take care of myself.

And so unlike the others, I washed my own body when bathing.


In any case, the goblins were similar to us in terms of having a ruling class. And like us humans, they had two arms and two legs.


“Am I no good then? I can call someone else to do it.”

“N-no. That’s not what I mean…”


There was a reason that I couldn’t be as stern as I might have.

Both on this island and back at the palace, I avoided making demands about anything.

My father would never have allowed it.


However…I did see how being too reserved like that was also a problem.

And this wasn’t exactly a big deal. So perhaps it was a good time to speak honestly.


“Uh… Look here. I think there should be something like a wall around this. It’s quite embarrassing to be naked when outside… In general…humans like to be naked…with privacy.”


I had only meant to say that it was a general human tendency, but perhaps my statement became a little broader…


Rienna and Baris looked quite surprised by my confession.

They turned to each other and nodded understandingly.


Then Baris replied.


“I see. Now I understand! While it was due to my own ignorance, I am terribly sorry.”

“There’s no need to apologize. All of you should continue as you always have. I would just like a corner that is partially covered. Is that alright?”

“Yes, Lord Heal. It will be no trouble at all. I am in charge of construction. We shall make a bathing area just for you.”

“Oh, I couldn’t ask you to do that.”


I felt bad that they had extra work because of a personal request.

However, Rienna shook her head.


“Lord Heal. You are always so good to help us. And so you must allow us to do something for you!”

“Rienna… Fine. Thank you.”


‘Yes,’ Rienna said happily and nodded.


“That being said, it really just needs to be a simple wall. I don’t need a roof.”

“Understood! Please leave it to us!”


And with that said, Rienna and Baris headed to the area where all of the material was stored.


Well, I did say I would leave matters concerning the surface to them.

And so it was my job to work hard underground.


Besides, it really didn’t matter who was the first to bathe in it.

If it were up to me, I would say that Mappa was the most deserving, since he’s the one that created the pipes to draw the water… Oh… He’s already in it.


I saw that Mappa was floating comfortably on his back in the hot spring.


He looked so relaxed…

As Mappa had been quite naked in the beginning, he didn’t really care about who saw him now.


Still, I could not become the kind of man who exposed his rear to everyone… Oh.


I saw that Ril was also floating in the water too, as if imitating Mappa.


She was still so young, but was able to bathe by herself.

Baris had told me about how fast they were, but she really had learned to mine very quickly.


On closer inspection, Ril was holding the egg she had found on her stomach, as if it were a priceless treasure.


She had given it to me, but I suppose she took a strong liking to it herself.

Well, she was the one to find it, so I didn’t mind if she kept it… Huh?


I blinked several times as I stared at the egg.


It looked like it had moved… No, it must have been Ril’s stomach.

That thing had been buried deep underground. It couldn’t possibly be alive.


And so I shook my head and left the hot spring behind me.

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  1. It could be as simple as just needing some water to activate. I wouldn’t had minded going naked in such a public hot spring… Nakedness is not my problem, but I would had more doubts going in with all these people that have not washed first like our constantly naked fellow. Even more so knowing where they have been working all day. That water would had gone dirty really fast.

  2. Lol, the problems with cultural differences. Also, Heal should start noticing soon, how his common sense isn’t good enough.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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