Cave King – 6


Since she brought up the names, that meant they knew what taming entailed.


Damn it…I didn’t like doing this sort of thing.

Well, I guess they could quit if they wanted to later.


“…Alright. I will tame you then.”


<<There are tamable monsters. Will you tame them?>>


Well, I had their consent.

And so I named them one by one.


Ere became Erevan. And Bari became Baris.

They were just common names in the kingdom.


“From this day forth, I, Erevan, shall call you chief.”

“Baris…I am honored to have this new name. While I am old, I will do my best to serve you.”

“Aye, thanks.”


And then Ri…


“What about Rienna?”

“Rienna…so that is my new name. I will do everything I can to serve you, Lord Heal.”


And like that, I was able to tame all of them.

They all kneeled before me again.


“…Well, let’s not give it too much thought. We should eat and then start digging.”





In truth, I just wanted to return to my mining as soon as possible.

My heart started to pound…when I wasn’t swinging a pickaxe.


And so we had a simple meal.

But as all three of them were quite hungry, they ate a lot.


After that, I handed them the pickaxes and we went down to the undergrounds.

However, Baris said,


“L-lord Heal. Isn’t it dangerous without any light?”

“Huh? Oh, that’s right. I’m the only person with Night Vision…”


It would be difficult to dig without any light.

Maybe I should make a torch…ah, now that I think about it…


“Wait a minute.”


I returned to the entrance and took out three wooden torch sticks from my supplies.

And then I took out three Shining Stones from my Inventory.


A stone that doesn’t lose its shine…

With these, we wouldn’t need to use fire or change them after they burned out.


And so I tied the stones to the ends of the sticks with string…and the eternal torch was complete.

They were brighter than normal torches.

That made me want to gather more of the stones.


“Wh-where did those stones come from?”


Baris asked me hesitantly.


“Uhh…it’s a long story. I’ll tell you as we dig. Here. Now it should be easier to see.”


I passed them the torches and we started to descend.


On the way, I explained to them about the Inventory and about auto-gathering.


However, it was clear that they didn’t quite understand what I was saying.

They all tilted their heads to the side.


It was no wonder.

No one would believe that the items were automatically stored in someplace that was invisible to the eye.


“Well, it’ll be faster to just show you… I think this is a good spot. Now, watch this.”


I stood in front of a rock wall and raised my pickaxe.


“Can you see the white light? It’s safe if you strike there. So that’s where I’ll swing…oomph.”


And so I started digging.

All at once, enough rocks fell away that there was suddenly enough space for a small room.

Furthermore, the rocks were immediately enveloped in light and disappeared somewhere.


The others watched in surprise.

It was still hard to believe…


Then Rienna asked.


“Wh-what just happened!?”

“Well, it won’t be like this for you guys at first… But I think you’ll get there once you get used to it.”


However, they just looked at me with their jaws wide open.


“Oh, but you won’t be able to use the auto-gathering feature…but it should be fine as long as I’m close by.”


Besides, there wasn’t a need to gather it all right away.

But then again, maybe it was dangerous to walk over…hmm.


And then I noticed that there were some slimes in the area.

Shiel was also among them.


“…Shiel. Do you have a minute?”


Upon hearing this, Shiel moved forward.


And so I used body language to make a request.

Without saying anything, Shiel returned to the other slimes.

I would have to see what they would do now in order to confirm that Shiel had actually understood me.


“Alright. Let’s start then. Getting familiar is how you learn.”



And then the goblins started to swing their pickaxes.


As for me, I watched them from a short distance away.


And then, the slimes started to carry the rocks that fell at the feet of the goblins.

The slimes brought the rocks to where I was standing, where they were immediately stored through the auto-gathering feature.


Yes, Shiel had understood me well.

I had asked it to bring all the materials the goblins mined to where I was.


As the goblins swung their pickaxes, they looked impressed by the work of the slimes.


Now, they wouldn’t have to worry about where they stepped…


“Alright! Let’s keep digging! If you get tired, don’t hesitate to rest or go to sleep!”


The goblins all said ‘Aye!’ in reply.

After that, we spent a lot of time digging.


It was from this day on, that the cave suddenly became a very lively place.

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  1. ….Hmm? That’s it? That was a bit boring.

    Though, is someone who has been treated very in life really be like that?
    No sense of caution at all?(愚人)

  2. Turtles stones! I wonder it the name came from turtles (which are normally slow), and thus it can make your time slow like turtles if you use em~

    Thanks for the chapter nyaa~ ♡♡♡

    • Seriously, don’t you know that turtle is a long life animal? Time slow is extravagant abilities for turtles, atleast it would be ‘decrease target agility’ but in this novel the author take that feature (long live = extend lifespan) .

      Thanks for the chapter (for tl-san)

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    Glad mc aint alone no more. I fear he may have developed chunibyou after getting too powerful and being alone for a while

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