Flower Field Demon King – 3


The jailor allowed himself to gloat a little as Kuders could be heard sniffling sadly to himself. Then they turned a corner and he stopped.


“Hey, stop here. This is your room.”

“Huh? This thing? But there is no bed and the toilet is visible from the outside.”

Kuders took one look at the room and expressed his confusion.


“Eh? Were you expecting a hotel room! You idiot.”

That seemed like the most obvious response to such a question, but Kuders just tilted his head with further puzzlement.


“But, don’t you sell slaves? Isn’t it rather odd to ruin the condition of what you’re selling? I don’t think you understand the basics of the trade business at all.”

The only thing behind the bars was a chamber pot and a straw mat to sleep on. It was hardly sanitary or conducive to good health.


“Th-that’s not my concern! Hey, stop looking at me with those piteous eyes!!”

The angry-looking man was clearly shocked to be treated as some kind of novice.

Had he been his master, he may have argued his position. But as he knew nothing about trade, he could not even answer Kuders.


“Just get in there.”

“I don’t want to.”

The jailor opened the door and tried to make Kuders get in. But Kuders stubbornly refused.

And so he tried to use force, but it was as if Kuders’s body had become a part of the stone floor. He did not move an inch.


“Knock it off, you bastard!! I said get in. So get in!!”

“I’d rather not.”

Anger caused the jailor to kick Kuders from behind, but it only resulted in pain shooting up his foot.

He rolled on the ground as he held it and thought.


—I don’t know how that bandit captured this monster, but it must mean he has a weakness.

At least, it seemed that physical force would not work here.

So, something psychological? No, that’s not it.

This flower field bastard who at a glance, seemed like a serious public servant type…would have that weakness!!


“Now that I think of it, the previous occupant left some erotic drawings in the corner over there.”

In the next instant.

Kuders’s foot moved forward with the speed of the wind.


“Huh? Where is this artwork!? Oh, huh? Why are you closing the door?”

“The auction is in three days. You’ll be staying here until then. And don’t you dare think about escaping.”

The man locked the door with a look satisfaction and then left.

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Jawbrie: Hope you all enjoy reading this. Still not decided if I’ll pick it up. But we’ll see how it goes…

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  1. Thank you for the hard work! This series seem like a really good one, please keep translating them. Thank you very much!

  2. I’m very curious about what’s going to happen next. I especially want to see the moment the demon king realizes how badly he messed up. Thanks for the great translation and please keep going a bit more with this. I’m not quite hooked yet but it looks rather entertaining.

  3. This is NOT the protagonist I was expecting. I know I should be very disappointed here… I guess I am, in a way…. but I’m NOT disappointed with the story, just disappointed in the protagonist.
    This story is great.

  4. I really like this work I’m hoping you’ll pick it up it totally sounds fun so far going to continue reading and waiting for updates

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