Flower Field Demon King – 38


“This is quite big. Even a large man would have been able to fit through very easily.”

“Hell, even me or a bear could fit through that!”

Darten had finished collecting the sample. He replied to her with a smirk. But Adelia was not interested in his moody retorts.


“In other words, something of this size passed through here.”

Whatever entered this room had to be at least the same size as the largest man in this village, which was Darten.

However, when thinking of it like that, the only person that came to mind was Qudels.


However, it still too early to assume that it had been Qudels who came through here.

They needed more…more decisive evidence!

That was what Adelia thought as she got closer to the window, but in the next instant…the floor, which had been weakened after the crash, sank in a little, and she nearly fell through the hole.



However, a strong arm quickly grabbed her and pulled her back into the room.


“Tha…thank you.”

“Ugh… You are hopeless. Stand back, I will look at it.”

He made Adelia stand back as he took a step forward.


“I don’t see anything unusual. Nothing like any signs of a rope… In that case, how did the person who passed through here get out?”

Upon hearing this, Adelia went to the other window that wasn’t broken, and she stuck her head out and looked down.

However, she could not find anything of note either.


“There is so little residual material that it’s annoying me. Did this person fly away?”

In that case, the person would have had to be a sorcerer who could use flying magic. Or a being who already had wings.


“As for residual material, surely it was all erased by that carefree, guy in glasses? Anyway, I don’t see how we’ll get anything else from this place.”

“Indeed. He must have picked this place clean then. Well, we will just have to interrogate people instead.”

As they did not have much time, Adelia did not argue with Darten.

And then, he made the next suggestion.


“Then, why don’t you ask the chief?”

“The chief?”


While it wasn’t like she was completely unrelated to the incident, it was still not the name Adelia was expecting to hear.

Why had he brought her up?

Adelia asked the question with her eyes. Darten seemed to be searching for the right words as he looked at her and answered.


“Because, when news came about the magistrate’s death…there was something strange about her reaction.”

“What do you mean?”

Adelia said with interest. Darten muttered something vague before saying,


“Maybe it’s just me. While the other villagers were simply happy, she looked like she was merely relieved.”

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  1. Humm… Somewhat saddened to read the above comments, but my backlog of chapters to read dulls that feeling (as does the knowledge that these are trying times for all).

    Thank you for all the chapters. Here’s hoping everything is going well for the staff here.

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