I Will Not Become an Enemy! – 29


“What if I killed this old man after you became a magician?”

“No, Cain. He would never allow me to become a magician if he knew he was going to be killed.”

It was such a cold-blooded and calculating thing that I stopped him without really thinking.

“Do not make light of a magician. If you tried, I would do everything in my power to destroy you all.” At the moment he made this declaration, the old man’s eyes glared sharply at us. He really meant it.

I was at a dead end. That was all I knew.

It was as if a door had just been closed in front of me and there was nothing left but disappointment. But then–


Cain pushed me away and then he too, rolled out of reach of the old magician.

A semi-transparent tentacle flashed before my eyes. –the jellyfish!

It would be so much worse than getting stung by the ones in the sea if they touched you. I frantically moved away from the magician.

But in the meantime, it was not only jellyfish that appeared, but people as well.

There were several men who looked like travelers with veils over their mouths. They picked up the old magician and ran, all the while keeping an eye on Cain.

Magicians were rare. That must be why they were helping him.

The old magician stared at me from his rescuers back. He was observing me.

Cain immediately changed tactics. He pretended to chase them at first, then he crossed swords with one of the travelers. Without looking in the magician’s direction even once, he threw himself into attacking the man in front of him, quickly cutting into him.

Blood sprayed from the man’s right arm and his sword fell to the ground.

His left arm too was limp as Cain used the flat of his sword to bash him over the head to knock him out.

It was frightening, but his work was so skillful.

“Kiara, perhaps now we will be able to find out what the enemy is doing?”

Apparently, that was his intent in capturing one of the men. The wisdom of the old indeed. His ability to make quick decisions was splendid.

“Thank you. It will probably become easier to capture magicians now…I think.”

But capturing them was one thing. I had no idea if they would turn me into a magician.

Such feelings I had were made clear by the way I talked.

I and Cain decided to tie the man up and take him back with us. If it would be too difficult to become a magician, we had to find as much information as possible and think of a new plan.

We returned to the castle and were greeted by a surprising, uproarious scene.

Everyone seemed to be running around. Especially the old servant women were going in and out of their quarters and the barracks. It was clear that there had been a sudden call for more staff, as there were some women who were wearing aprons over their normal clothes.

A passing guard finally explained the situations to us.

“Oh, sir knight and lady! The prince is to arrive here today or tomorrow!”


“They say there are to be emergency negotiations with Salehard. And so the Count has been searching for you two!”

The guard said all of this with the biggest smile, but that turned into horror in the next instant.

“My lady!?”


Had Cain not thrown the prisoner to the side and caught me, I may have tumbled to the ground.

Because Reggie had come before I had acquired a means of saving him.

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  1. Seems pretty obvious from an outside POV that the stone Kiara is wearing around her neck is what she needs. Kiara is probably onto something about the Princess of Thorns having restrictions on taking apprentices, so I’m guessing that part of that is Kiara has to figure it out herself and the Princess of Thorns was not allowed to simply tell her what the stone did.

    • I think it was explained properly in this chapter that the stone is indeed needed to become a magician. Like those magic crystals in other stories that channel magic. The only thing Kiara needed is a master that could take on the backlashes for the apprentice. If the Princess of Thorns can’t be a master for some reason, she gave Kiara the stone for which she can use to find a magician master.

      On a side note, I feel like Kiara will soon awaken to a magician given that the events she new is approaching too fast. Oh! I can also see Reggie scolding Kiara for the recklessness she has been doing lately. Looking forward to some fluff :3

      • Oooh! I have a guess! Maybe Reggie could end up becoming her master 😮 Like maybe Reggie can take on the power of the stone and they’d both become magicians together. The queen, whom the original Kiara served, may have been her master as well and so maybe that means that royalty has good compatibility with magic stones? 😀

      • Hirika.
        By master they mean a teacher, not an owner.
        It also has to be someone who already went through the process of becoming a magician and built up a resistance towards the “flame” otherwise it will have no meaning, it will just kill both Kiara and the prince.

  2. Oh it’s a good choice to wait for chapters to pile up! Fight on Kiara-chan! I can’t wait for the next one!~

    Thank you for more Kiara~!

  3. Does she have to find a master? If to become a magician you have to have a master, then how did the first magician came to be? Maybe she can can follow what her ancestor magicians did so that she doesn’t have to get a master.

    P.S. Thank you for the chapter! 😆

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