Jack of all Trades – 10


-human and half dwarf. And so he was muscular and tall. A real mass of power. Though, apparently pure blooded dwarves were short here, as you’d expect.

“I’ve brought some weapons again if you don’t mind. Also, I’d like a new sword and short sword.”

“You’ve brought quite the load here… Very well. Weapons are over there. Choose any you like.”

“Are these also test weapons your apprentice made?”

“‘Course they are! It’s about an eon too soon for a Rock like you to hand one of my swords!”

While he was roaring at me, this was the way our conversations usually went down. There was no meaning behind it.

I pick up and inspect the swords stashed in a barrel and the short swords lined up on a chest. The thickness of the blades, the sharpness, the feeling when holding them. I look for one that does not feel inferior to my old swords. Even if I had the ‘Jack of all Trades’ skill, I still had to use my body to learn how to wield them. Only the protagonist could rest on their laurels when it came to skills. And this in this world, there were no special settings for the protagonist.

“I think I’ll take these two then.”

“You! You’re really going to take the two best ones again, are you!”

“I’m really quite sorry.”

Aragira’s hands went to his head in exasperation. I grinned and put the blades in my sheaths. They were the same level of weapons, so they would fit into my sheaths perfectly. Which saved me from having to buy new ones.

I received the money for the goblins’ weapons and used it to pay for the new ones. It was really an unnecessary act, but the sad convenience store clerk in me could not rest easy without such proper transactions.

“Come back soon, Asagi.”

“Sure, Chief. See you.”

Aragira was also an important person who was kind to me. He looked at weapons and he looked at people. Apparently, I was a good one. Who knows what his criteria were, but it made me happy nonetheless.

And so I was feeling quite happy as I made my way over to the guild house. But it was not enough to put a lid on the rising feeling of dread as I got closer.

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    • We’ll see how long that lasts though. He’s apparently not tolerant enough of the verbal abuse he’s getting, and if pushed too early, will probably just end up troping into the usual “MC beats up his verbal abusers because he was too wimpy to rise above them”. Though if he does, it’d be nice if he got a fair punishment as well, especially if it was within Guild grounds.

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