Jack of all Trades – 101


Hmm…hm….I see, yes, I see…


“The amount of new information is hurting my eyes…”

“So the maximum skill level is ten…”


Yes, the skill levels stopped at 10. But it seemed like unique skills didn’t even have levels, so ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None’ could never be raised. There was no ‘Master of All.’


As the smaller skills were also displayed now, I could get a better idea of my proficiency with different weapons. The single-handed sword that was my main weapon, had gone up quite a bit. My sub-weapon, the shortsword as well. The bow and spear were still low, as I had barely used them. I meant to raise my skill with the greatsword next, hopefully reaching the same level as the shortsword at least.


Well, seems like that’s it for things to check.


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


We left the guild now that we were finished, and went out into the large street. The next thing to do was to look for an inn. Looking for an inn has mostly been a smooth experience, but we didn’t know anyone here, and so we decided to go and look around.

There was no free information office. In fact, most of the buildings here seemed to be selling armor and weapons. You could hear the hammering of metal and lively shouts echoing from all directions. Quite fitting for the adventure city.


“Hey, Daniela.”

“What, Asagi?”

“Aren’t you hungry?”

“I was waiting for you to ask.”


We were tired of walking and incredibly hungry. This town apparently had a street stall district, and many of the people on the streets were carrying food. This was our chance. I won’t have to make any food. Cooking skill? I had no interest in skills that weren’t displayed on my status card. No, I wasn’t feeling bitter about it!


“I smell something very good coming from over there.”

“If you think so, it’s probably true.”

“You are not wrong, but why do I feel like you’re mocking me?”

“It’s a compliment. Now, let’s go.”


We turned at a crossroad and entered a street that was just as wide as the one we had been in. And just as Daniela had said, it was tightly packed with food stalls. A large variety of smells assaulted our noses and stomachs.


“Alright, let us start from this side and work our way down.”

“Yeah, we should decide after we have seen everything first.”

“What are you on about? We are going start buying from this side.”

“What kind of stupid bastard are you?”


The screws in this one always tended to become a little loose when she was hungry…I had to hold her hand tightly and keep an eye on her, or her wallet would become completely empty.


“This looks good.”

“Yes, we should start with some meat.”

“Ah, you have good taste, young lady! It is five silvers for a skewer!”

“I will take two.”

“Much obliged!”


She was buying stuff already. Well, it did look good.




“What? But, isn’t that for…”

“They were meant for me…but if you really want it… I suppose I have no choice.”

“Thank you!!”


She really was a mess when hungry. Well, no one was perfect. And damn, this stuff was good…


She continued to show off her unfortunate characteristics after that. And I sipped some fruit water and walked around with her. We forgot about finding an inn until the sun had started to set, and while we frantically searched the area, we could not find one. And so we had ended up sitting by a fountain in the central plaza, wondering what to do, when an old man approached us. On closer inspection, he was the man who had sold us the meat skewers.


“Oh, if it isn’t the couple from earlier. What’s wrong? You look troubled.”

“Ah, well…we were a bit distracted by buying food and…forgot to search for an inn…”

“You what? How in the…”


He looked at us with exasperation. It really was quite pathetic.


“Well, you should have asked me! We have an inn!”



Daniela grabbed the old man by the shoulders.


“Is that the truth?”

“Of course it is. My son runs the place now. I am sure he can spare you a room if I ask.”

“Really! Please let us stay! Please!”

“Leave it to me!”


Ah…god, so we would not have to spend the night in the cold streets after all. This was due to our daily good deeds wasn’t it…not that I could remember doing anything.

In any case, after a long while, we were able to find an inn to stay at.

You really never knew when you would have chance encounters like these. Regardless of what town we were in, we would always be saved by such encounters. By people.

You should live every day with gratitude. I had not forgotten this important trick to living, and so I thanked the old man, and the three of us marched off to the inn.

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