Jack of all Trades – 121



“I want…water…”

“Water…I’ll get you all the water…you can drink.”

“Thanks, Silvergreen…”


All of us were breathing hard now. We had not rested once on our trek back, and on top of that, we had been attacked. I was honestly exhausted…

Suddenly, we saw that someone was coming towards us. I thought they might be orcs at first, but it turned out to be Adventurers… In fact, it was Angelica and the others.


“Ah, Mister Asagi!”

“Angelica… I’m glad that you all made it back safely.”

“We did, but…!”


Angelica gasped when she saw what we were carrying.


“The surface squad was crushed…we don’t know what happened to Ness and the other scout.”

“Oh, no… No, you must come inside at once! Help them!”


At Angelica’s command, Lauria and the others picked up the fallen surface squad. Angelica lent me her shoulder as we entered the camp. There was a bonfire in the center, and the place looked like a real war camp now. The walls were reinforced from within and looked very strong.




Daniela found me immediately and came running.


“Daniela, I’m sorry…we failed.”

“What are you saying? We are alive and we can fight.”

“Yeah, you’re right… But Ness…and the other…we can’t find them… They may still be out there, fighting. I have to go and find them…”

“The sun is about to set. We can search tomorrow. Besides…”


Daniela stared at the entrance.


“Yeah, they will attack soon…I have to tell Virgil.”

“Let us go to him.”


Daniela walked on the opposite side of Angelica and supported me. I felt like a wounded soldier. I had no strength and was exhausted…but I could feel her breast against my arm, which cheered me up a little.


Virgil’s arms were folded as he was deep in thought. The depths of his narrowed brows rivaled the depths of the dark valley.


“…I suppose we can at least be thankful that we had the foresight to build the wall.”

“It was my fault. My hasty decision resulted in their deaths.”

“No, you could not have carried three men. I should have sent several men with you from the beginning. It was my mistake.”


Both of us tried to take the blame. But then we were interrupted by the sound of Daniela’s fist on the table.


“We do not have time for such a senseless argument. The dead will not rise again, it up to us who are alive to continue fighting. Am I wrong?”


Virgil and I nodded silently at those words. She was right, of course. This ambush that was about to begin…well, it was no longer an ambush. But we had to prepare for it. We had no time.


“It is no longer possible to search for their settlement. And so we will stay here and fight back. If things go well, we may be able to chase the defeated orcs back to their settlement.”


Things may still turn out well if that happened. At least the walls surrounding us prevented the enemy from being able to attack from all sides. There was a possibility that it could be destroyed, but it could also be repaired again with earth magic. And it was reinforced as well.


“I have one suggestion in regards to that…”

“What is it, Asagi?”

“Uh, I think we should make a second inner wall by the entrance that runs parallel to it. It would help in dealing with the orcs rushing in. And we could create a platform by the walls that the orcs cannot reach, so we can attack from above…”

“I see. That is a good idea. The dead orcs will also help block the path.”


Virgil nodded at my suggestion and added some ideas of his own. This would allow us to stay on the offensive and keep the orcs moving slowly. After that, we just needed to have others protecting the outer wall as they fought. I could look for an opportunity to enter the fray and wreak havoc as well.


“It’s decided then. We will start immediately. Asagi and Daniela, you two can oversee the construction.”

“Aye. We’ll make a great wall!”

“You mean the girls who can use earth magic will.”


Daniela pointed out, and the atmosphere in the tent lightened a little. Now, we were to fight the orcs. I did not want anyone else to die. The victors would be us.

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  1. They should also cut down some trees that are near the wall and drag them into a half circle outside the entrance. It would slow them down, and give you a burnable material for when you need a break or when they try to retreat.

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