Jack of all Trades – 122


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The magician team was drinking a herb tea that helped to minimize magic depletion while also slowly recovering what was used. Now that I looked closely, they were all women. It would be like a girls day out if there was a little cake.



“Ah, Asagi. What is it?”


Daniela put her cup of herb tea down and turned to face me.


“A war council. Virgil wants you to come over to the tent.”

“Hmm…very well. You go on ahead.”

“Got it.”


Daniela drained the rest of what was in her cup and walked over to the others who were inspecting the walls. She probably had something to tell them. I might as well move along… As I started to walk away, I sensed that there were eyes on me, and so I turned around. The members of the tea party were staring at me. Somehow, I felt a sense of animosity in their looks… What was it? Did I do something to them…

As I scratched my cheek in puzzlement, one of the girls, who I happened to lock eyes with, started to come forward. I had a bad feeling about this.


“You. You are Silvergreen.”

“Yes. Uh, I’m called Asagi.”

“I do not care about your name! But it seems that you are together with Miss Daniela?”




“Do not play stupid! You should separate immediately!”

“Exactly! She is better off staying with us!”

“It is most alarming to see the likes of you by her side!”


Ah, I get it. It was some form of jealousy.


“Say something!”

“Say that you will separate, instead of being silent!”

“I do not like his face!”


The girls were closing in on me in a less than friendly manner. In fact, their bullying was hardly persuading me to break up with Daniela, but they didn’t seem like they would listen… Well, then. There was only one thing to do.


“Ah, Daniela.”

“Huh, Miss Daniela? Where!?”


I pointed in the opposite direction of the wall that Daniela was standing nearby, but all three of them turned to look anyway. Everything had gone according to plan. Now it was time to step on the gas. I dashed out towards Virgil’s tent. Curses flew in my direction, but I was too busy to acknowledge them. I would talk it out with them later if I remembered.


“…That is the plan we are considering now. Do you think you can do it?”

“I have no problem with it. It will be easy with the help of the other magicians who can use earth magic. However, it will impact the defense of the walls. I think I should do it alone.”

“That seems like too much of a burden for you alone?”

“Nonsense. The other girls can be on the offensive.”

“Hmm…that might work then. Alright, you can tell the magicians that we will be going with this strategy.”



Inside the tent, Virgil laid out the plan to Daniela. It was something that Daniela and I were no strangers to. And so I had expected her to alright with it, and I was right. This should make the battle with the orcs go smoothly. I watched Daniela as she left the tent. Then Virgil and I sat down and sighed.


“Now, we just wait for them to attack.”

“Indeed… Asagi, we must make it out alive. We must return.”

“You’re saying the most obvious thing. Of course, we will.”


He was clearly anxious about fighting orcs that seemed to have a different level of intelligence than what he was accustomed to. I had fought two abnormally evolved beings before and fought orcs as well. Including the orcs here. And so I was quite confident in our prospects. If they would come at us with thoughtful strategies, then we just had to come at them with superior plans and strength. We were humans…Adventurers with intelligence and bravery, after all.


“Indeed… Very well. We will do this, Asagi!”


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  1. You know, I have to give it to the author for making a protag who is competent, incompetent, bold, and naive, all at the same time. And further, keeping the story engaging even if the protag displays occasional bouts of incompetency/naivety.

    I just wish the protagonist would grow enough of a spine and really get it through his head that this world is one where it’s survival of the fittest, and occasionally need to dirty his hands himself.

    At any rate, I’m half-expecting that their base camp would be attacked from below; thanks to the tunnel moles, rendering their walls moot.

    • I too, thought of the case they would be attacked from below, 3 chapters before, when they decided to create the walls

  2. Thzank you for the chapter. Also, just wanted to say, that for me at least, it stops at chapter 120 on the ToC page. The only reason I knew there were more chapters than that was because of occassionally checking and noticing the next chapter button available.

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