Jack of all Trades – 127


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It only took me three minutes to switch gears and then step out of the settlement. Hey, I was all alone during my night shift too. Of course, that did end in me being stabbed to death by a thief, but I had the ability to fight back now. History would not repeat itself. And so I began to search on my own. If the others would search inside of the orc settlement, I would see what I could find outside of it. And so I started to walk around the wall. No, it had nothing to do with not wanting to be seen all alone. I didn’t come out here to wipe away tears or anything.


“Daniela… She really is terrible for betraying me like this…”


There was a very petty man there. He was not the most charitable man and felt bitter against the girlfriend who abandoned him for a lesbian harem. But thinking about that started to make him feel more pathetic and sad. He really was a wretched man. Yes, I mean me.


“Uhhh…hmph. …Hmm?”


I looked down at the ground then and saw a footprint. On further inspection, it wasn’t a single footprint, as there were many in the area.


“No way…”


Was this a coincidence…? How had so many footprints gone unnoticed?


I found out quickly enough. Because the footprints led right into the wall. There was some trick here. The wall hovered slightly above the ground. It moved a little when I pushed it. And then it opened when pushed hard.


“A hidden door…are we in a ninja house now…?”


After the battle, the orcs who were in the settlement had fled from here during the night. Such a sudden change could only have been by the order of the abnormally evolved being.

This time I followed the footprints away from the wall. There was dirt, grass and a few trees in the area. …This location looked somehow familiar.


“…I knew it.”


It was just like when that village had been attacked. There was a hole that had been craftily hidden. Of course, the footprints had kind of ruined it, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from far away.

But seeing the hole now, a certain question entered my head. There had been so many orcs… And not a lot of time. Would they really have been able to hide in there?

I turned back and retraced my steps. No matter how I looked at it, there were clearly fewer footprints than there should be. If that many orcs passed through here, then the grass would have probably been a lot more disturbed than it was. It was all too strange. I would have to go back and call Daniela. But then again, I did not want to meet her friends… Ah, I’m getting emotional again. Oh, the pain.


“…What to do…”

“Hm? You are not going to go then?”



I turned around in surprise and saw that Daniela was standing there.


“Huh? Huh? What? Why?”

“Why? Why what?”


I wish she wouldn’t look at me as if she were staring at some idiot…


“Oh, I just thought you had abandoned me and were now working on a harem.”

“What are you saying? You really are a stupid idiot, eh?”


Apparently, while Daniela had been pulled away at the moment, she realized that she wouldn’t be getting very far with girls stuck on to her like that, and so she had left and searched for me with Presence Detection. I was hardly abandoned.


“Damn it…I really cannot leave you alone.”

“Uhh. Daniela… I love you.”

“Come now. Stupid idiot.”


Now that we had safely reunited, we made our way towards the hole, having absolutely no idea of the unbelievable thing that waited for us within.

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  1. those yuri girls are really ticking me off
    first no respect for other people
    second being a hindrance in missions
    third can’t prioritize which to do
    fourth mostly yandere
    fifth can’t measure her opponent knowing asagi could kill them if he really wanted
    they are the type that get most party getting killed early

    oh and thanks for the chapter

    • You are not the only one here, i will go further i deplore any girl on girl action if they both aren’t lesbians other than that i would much better prefer not see any predatory delusional lesbians.
      I know that lesbian action is a trend but f it i better be called boring traditionalist rather than progressive lunatic.

  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Would be great if the smart orc is a reincarnated person. So far stories with reincarnated people as monsters have those people as MCs.

  3. Cheers for the chapter!
    Cute to see the MC perk up after Daniella’s return and her reaction to his yuri harem accusations. xD!

  4. Thans for the chapter, Asagi apologise now to Master Daniela, how dare you think that a yuri harem is enough to ruin her loyalty!!!!!!!

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