Jack of all Trades – 139


As for the skin peeling, I was quite good at it now. This was the result of practicing on models that were missing arms or legs. I even practiced on a complete model as well, and was able to return the skin to its former place.

And I made another discovery. The dolls were based on humans in both appearance and bone structure. Strictly speaking, they would move just like humans, in spite of being machines. Their joints could not move in the wrong way and they had no structural features that humans lacked. The only things that they didn’t have were organs and blood. They ran on the magic supplied by the reactor core.

There was a spherical object inside of their heads that acted as a brain. The appraisal glasses informed me that it was covered in magic patterns. I believed it held information, programming that made the machines move.

There were new discoveries the more I looked. These things were full of ancient technology.

After much searching, I realized that there was no switch, and they should move by just putting the reactor core into their backs.


“…But what happens then?”


I had been excited due to how unusual all of this was to me, but suddenly, I was struck by the dilemma of what to do after I turned it on. What was its purpose? Did it have a will? What if it turned out to be an enemy of all mankind? That would be incredibly annoying.


“Sometimes, romanticists meet cruel ends…”


Perhaps treasure hunters always had to take a degree of responsibility for what they uncover. As the first person. That meant I had to see this through. Sell it or manage it. If I wanted to claim ownership, I would have to remain responsible. Of course, I did.


“I’ll talk about it with Daniela.”


It was too difficult a problem for me alone. This was another world, and it had its own rules. I would just push the burden of the decision to Daniela, I mean, um, discuss it with her. Yes, that would be for the best.

However, it would be very cumbersome to carry this thing. It was the body of a woman with almost scientifically approved proportions. And naked. And so I took off my poncho and waist mantle to hide what needed to be hidden. The five reactor cores were small enough to fit into my pockets. Then I just needed to carry the thing on my back and I was ready.


“…I’ll just have to be careful that no one sees me.”


This was probably what people felt like when they did something shameful…

I tried not to pay any mind to the two cushions that pressed onto my back as I went down the hallways and reached the ladder…which I could not climb. And so I used Legs of the Forest Wolf to go up. After all, my hands were full.


“No one around…? Good…”


I searched the area with Presence Detection as I came out of the hole. There were no humans or monsters about. For a while, I wondered what I should do about the hole. If I buried, it would likely never be found by anyone again. And so I closed the hatch but decided to leave it as is. It wasn’t because I was lazy or anything. But a treasure hunter had to leave evidence of his great accomplishments.


I stepped on the air and vaulted up in a straight line towards the mountains in the south. The forest rushed below me, and I could see the burned village. Then I noticed some movement and stopped.

I could see that there were figures who were pulling down the burnt houses and cleaning the rubble. They had started with restoring the village. They were tough people… The village would likely return to its former state in very little time. I couldn’t help them as I was carrying something, but I wished them well in my heart as I continued to run towards the rocky mountains.

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  1. Let’s imagine what will happen in the next chapter.

    “Daniela my sweetheart! I have found treasure under the ancient ruins, ancient elves’s treasure!”
    “Asagi my beloved. What might it be.”
    “Sex dolls.”
    “Come again?”
    “Sex dolls! And I have brought one with me!”

    And thus, Asagi’s adventure has met its end.

  2. So the time went by while he tinkered with the machines. Mmmmm Asagi is being affected by the elves

    Thanks for the chapter

  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    That’s just the power core right? It doesn’t contain the programming? Because if it does…

  4. I still don’t understand why Daniella would go on alone. It’s completely pointless and makes no sense. just to set up him finding a sex doll by himself.

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