Jack of all Trades – 143


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After the meal, we drank the fruit juice and talked merrily. Well, it was mostly me talking about our adventures. Daniela had eaten too much and was outside walking it off.


“I see… You two have sure seen your share of hardships.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that. We’ve only started traveling recently. I haven’t been adventuring that long either…”

“Still, you must be very skilled to have gone up against so many orcs.”

“Ahahahaha. You should know, I’m immune to flattery.”


Yis laughed as he drained his cup.


“Well, it just so happens, Asagi, that I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Really? I hope it’s not something too difficult…”

“No. You saw how wounded Marco was. The reason for that is, well, a monster has been attacking the village’s livestock.”


Yis said while he stared at the table. I looked down to Marco, who was sleeping on the floor. His deepest wounds had healed, but there was a very visible scar.


“…To be honest, I would like to do something about the monster who did this.”

“I’m very glad to hear it. Well, you can, of course, think about it. I’m sure you’ll want to discuss it with Miss Daniela.”

“Yes, thank you.”


I would talk to her when she returned. We continued to talk after that, though this time Yis told me about himself.

He had been an Adventurer once. He had hunted many monsters in many places, but a grievous wound had forced him to retire. Ever since then, he had lived quietly in this village where he was born.

It was during that time that Mido and Marco had come to the village together. This sudden arrival of a boy and monster had caused an uproar in the village.


“Many people wanted to kill them. But I knew that the boy meant no harm, and so I was strongly against it.”

“How did you know?”


I asked, and Yis gave me a hard stare.


“Hmm. I thought that you knew.”

“You mean, when you were observing us in the beginning?”

“Ah, so you do know.”

“I don’t understand how it works. But I had an idea.”


Yis looked satisfied with this as he ran a finger over his left eyelid.


“A fairy tinkered with this eye. It was a long time ago when I was greatly injured. A fairy helped me, but there was a mishap.”

“A mishap?”


Yis looked like he was trying to suppress a roar of laughter as he recalled it.


“Quite a mishap, too. This fairy had forgotten that human eyes are different from fairy eyes. And so now, this eye can see good and evil in people.”


Yis added that he may originally have been the type of person that fairies were fond of.


“So, fairies can see good and evil as well?”

“Aye. Though, not many people know it. Miss Daniela, she can see fairies too, can’t she? She must have understood what I was seeing.”



Daniela had a tendency of becoming a poor talker when it mattered. Or she just forgets to tell me important things… Or maybe she just thought I already knew. That was nice in a way, but perhaps she had too much trust in me. I was still an ignorant person from another world.


“Well, that was how I developed this unique skill. It’s called Eye of Character. As the name suggests, it allows me to see a person’s character.”

“I had no idea that skills could develop in such a way.”

“It is definitely unusual. But it allowed me to save Mido’s life. And Marco is well. Hahaha. All good things.”


I drained my cup. But it was just juice. Not the best way to end a meal.


Just then, the window in the living room began to rattle. It seemed like a strong wind, but that was a little strange, given the time…and then something slapped my cheek. I turned in surprise, but no one was there. I just felt a gentle breeze move towards the door.


“Was that…a spirit?”

“The wind is strong. Something might have happened out there.”

“Wind… Do you think that something might have happened to Daniela?”


I frantically went for my sword, but Yis grabbed my arm.


“Wait, Asagi. I’ll go too.”

“Thank you!”

“I hoped that we would have a peaceful night…but it looks like it’s come. I can tell.”



I tried to calm down as I waited for his reply. Yis picked up his own sword that was against the wall. He turned to me with a serious expression.


“The wyvern.”

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    • Exactly my thought when I read “dana” and city with lots of windmills because I just finished playing ys celceta

  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Wyverns seem quite common. Did they get pushed out of their normal hunting ground? If it was mentioned in a previous chapter I must have forgotten it.

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