Jack of all Trades – 150


There was nothing particularly suspicious about the place once we were inside. It was just a long hallway. But then I started hearing strange voices from the other doors. Actually, it sounded like the sounds Daniela often made at night. Could it… I would have to go check.


“Asagi, let us move along.”

“Uh, I just need to check something.”

“I will never sleep with you again.”
“Let’s hurry along.”


We had better things to do. We had to thank this captain person and then get out of here. Ugh, so busy. So very busy.


We eventually arrived at the far back and were greeted by large double doors. It was just a door, but was able to suggest that it led to someone very important. I had no intention of worshipping the lord of this den, but I did have a mind to not make them angry for no reason. So I knocked.


“Who is it?”


Surprisingly, it was a woman’s voice.


“The Adventurers who dropped the stuff off.”



Daniela and I nodded at each other and then carefully entered the room. It was large. It could fit many people and many things.


“Excuse me.”



The caption was in the far back as she stared at us. It was the first time I had seen someone with dark brown skin in this world. Her long hair was black over her skin, and she oozed the kind of presence you might expect from a famous actress. I could also see that her ears point out from her hair.


“An elf…?”

“Aye, a dark elf, Adventurer. And I see that you, are a light elf.”



She could tell. I guess some people just had that ability. Daniela slowly removed the mask from her face.


“Hmph. I knew it. Platinum hair. The white mask. I thought it was you when I heard about those two things.”


The captain chuckled. Then she raised her legs through the slit in her skirt and lay them on top of her desk. 



“And what are you doing here, Daniela?”



She called Daniela by her name before we had introduced ourselves.


“…It really has been a while. Eve.”


Daniela replied. Her expression was twisted in a way that suggested she was looking at something very distasteful. The captain of this city of crime was an acquaintance of Daniela. And there seemed to be some history there.


“Indeed. You look quite well.”

“No thanks to you.”

“You’re so stubborn. It’s been one hundred years. You should be happier to see me.”

“I would rather have not met the likes of you at all.”

“Ahahahaa! You really do hate me then!”


They hated each other… Could this situation be any more uncomfortable? Should I grab Daniela’s arm and make a run for it?


“You, over there. You’re Asagi Kamiyashiro, aren’t you?”

“Uh, yes.”


She knew…


“I checked the information from your cards after the report. I saw a very nostalgic name there. Along with yours.”

“Ohh… So I guess captains are allowed to do that.”

“Of course, we can.”


The corner of Eve’s lip curled in a smile. Yes, she seemed very mean-spirited indeed.


“Hmph… You have an alias now, Daniela. Ah, and so do you. In spite of your face, I guess you must be moderately skilled.”


Eve smiled amusedly as she looked at the copies of our cards.


“So? Why have you called us here?”


Daniela seemed like she was out of patience as she asked the question.


“Nothing really. I just happened to hear that some fool had brought the funds I sent to the bandits and wanted to give it back. Of course, I had to see the face of such a fool. But to think that it was you, Daniela. What a surprise that was!”


Eve clapped her hands together and laughed. So the guards really were in league with the bandits…


“Well, I check all the cards at night anyways. So I would have sent people after you eventually. But this makes things much more simple.”

“And why would you come after us?”

“You already know. To take the sacred treasures of the tree of life and death!”


And with that said, Eve snapped her fingers. The door behind us burst open and soldiers flooded into the room. They were all holding weapons.


“Now, give it to me. Then I will spare your lives.”

“I cannot do that.”

“I see. Then you will die along with that scum beside you!”


The soldiers moved. Now that they rushed towards us with weapons drawn, they were our enemies. I wasn’t thrilled to fight against humans, but our lives were in danger. We had to fight.

I quickly unsheathed the sword at my waist and blocked the first blade that fell right in front of my eyes. I didn’t want to fight, but this was war.

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    • I knew it! His is idea would cause them trouble.. However..they should have chosen a different town to surrender those “goods.”

  1. people complaining about his naivety while they should be complaining about his intelligence. They were warned that the next town was incredibly seedy so they should’ve skipped it and delivered the ore to the town after this one

    thanks for the chapter

    • FR, that’s what I was thinking the whole time. I guess that’s why they call “Lawful Good” characters “Lawful Dumb”.

  2. Well, I suppose Asagi needed this kick in his kiester. Daniela probably knew it would happen like this but went along anyway to give Asagi an important lesson, the sooner his naivety is cured, the sooner she can relax.

  3. Thanks for the chapter, I am quite glad this development happened, nicely done author. Now lets see how Asagi qill deal with this and the aftermath.

  4. MC: takes the treasure back to the bandit’s suspected acquaintance

    Guards: pulls up their weapon to kill them

    MC: *
    Surprise pikachu face*

  5. Wow. What. A. Super. Shocking. Suprise. My interest in this story has started dropping rapidly. Ever since him searching the automaton ruins by himself (that made zero sense) and now this complete and utter idiocy, I’m about at my limit for dense Japanese MC.

  6. I hate how stupid of Asagi. He don’t want to kill human but he make situation that human want to kill him instead and now he think he must kill them. What f*cking logic of this?
    Daniela already warn him but him still choose this choice that make he and Daniela take a risk.

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