Jack of all Trades – 151


Substitute? So not only was that last attack useless, but now my ice had melted, and we lost our only chance to escape?


“Damn it! You made me waste it… Daniela!!”

“Hmph. It belonged to me. It is no business of yours what I do to it now!”



A whirl of fire shot out towards us. Daniela raised a wall of earth to block it. However, it was still hot. I felt like I was being burned alive even if it didn’t touch me directly.


“Daniela, what should we do?!”

“We will not be able to force our way passed them. Asagi, pull through somehow. I am going to blow this building away!”

“A tornado! Leave it to me!’


If she used that to clear the area, we would have a 360 degree escape route.

I activated Legs of the Forest Wolf and waited for my chance. I was waiting for the moment that the whirl of fire stopped. And in that moment, I would seal her movements.




Eve’s enraged cry sounded just as the fire disappeared. Now…!





I thrust my sheathed sword into her stomach as hard as I could. It would have killed her without a doubt, had it been a naked blade, but like this, it would at least hurt enough that she’d wish she were dead. In fact, she could not stand the pain and collapsed on the floor.


“Boss! How dare you!!”


The soldiers who were still fixed to the ground began to throw their swords, but I blocked them with an ice shield. I retreated then, but Daniela seemed to be taking extra long to use her magic.


“Daniela, how much longer?!”



But there was no answer. Instead, immense power filled the room.

Within seconds, my sanity felt like it was being chipped away. I was panicking. The bandits were glaring at me. Eve looked at us, and I could see that she was slowly standing up. This was bad!!




Her eyes were bloodshot as she got up and raised her hands. Magic began to concentrate there. Shockingly, each hand was using a different spell. Her right hand had wind, her left hand had fire. I hadn’t expected her to be able to do that…!

I quickly prepared some magic of my own. This time, I was sure that she would create an even bigger storm of fire, and so I made several layers of ice shields. It was just as I had created the eighth, that Eve’s magic triggered.




The violent wind around her right hand caught the fire in her left. That caused it to burn so much hotter. The enhanced power of the combined spells tore through my first four shields in a second. It was incredible. Unpredictable…!


“Die, die!!”




“…!! Alright! Now stand back!!”


Stand back! I can’t even move!


“It’s no use. Just do it!!”

“As if!! Get away somehow!!”

“If I move now, she’ll get you! Hurry!!”


If she waited any longer, her energy would go berserk out of a need for release. That would be pointless.


“It’s fine. I’m protected by the wind! Do it!”



Daniela groaned, but I could feel the magic coming towards me. I turned around and saw that her eyes were full of tears as she looked at me. Sorry… But I promise, I’ll make it out of here. Don’t worry.

I sent magic into the wind dragon armor I was wearing. It almost looked like it was glowing, but maybe that was just the fire.


“You damned bastards!!!”


Eve’s magic rushed towards us. There was only one shield of ice left. I had done well up until now. Good job Asagi. Good job.

Eve did her best as well. The last attack was more powerful than the others, and the shield began to crack.

Just then, a horrible wind attacked me from behind. It was Daniela’s magic. 

Perhaps it was because of my clothes, but I didn’t feel it as much as I had expected.

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  1. Last chance. After this no more lawful idiot please. If he still doesn’t lose his naivety from this…. sigh

    • I know they say the Japanese are timid but this is ridiculous. Why worry about being responsible for self defense killing against the captain? Does he think the Nation ENJOYS having a bandit ruling one of their towns??? Also does he think Daniela’s tornado won’t kill at least some gaurds? Cuz by his logic protecting Daniela while she tries to kill someone should be the same as trying to kill someone.

  2. Now i’m real confused, he said he’d made up his mind about killing bandits and he confirmed they are bandits (atleast 100% certainty with eve, if not the guards)

    thanks for the chapter

  3. Seems he’s getting more dumb as things go on. I thought maybe he’d take a hint when Daniela nearly died at the orc battle and get his shit together.

  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    And honestly, the bastard should learn to adapt to the world, not have the world adapt to him. Did he ever think about the consequences of giving bad people money without even counting this specific situation?

    He’s being too stupid and using his world as an excuse. Frankly, even in our world, there is still the idea of killing in self defense, and way too many people in our world would be willing to keep found money…

  5. ASAGI YOU COWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with that out of the way, great work thanks for the chapter. Well at least the author is been consistence with him and not making him change to drastically to fast!!!!!!!!

  6. At first I really did enjoyed this… cute romance… no harem…. but as the chaps goes on its starting to get into me… no progess on the other weapons…and a lil bit too much romance …and less “adventure” … also why does he have a low affinity with fire… shouldn’t he be atleast decent in everything cuz of his skill? …. I dunno maybe Im just picky…

    thanks for translating tho~

  7. This idiot hits her with a sheathed weapon? She’s trying to kill you and Daniela and admitted she is a bandit that took over the town.

    Why has the MC down right slow in the head?

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