Jack of all Trades – 164


“Hmm… Perhaps it is a magic tool?”

“You think?”

“It was made by Rachel. Why would it be an ordinary key? The problem is knowing what it does. Is it a key to something ancient? Or a key to something she created?”

“She didn’t tell me where, specifically. Just that it would allow me to come and go.”

“Well then, it is clearly a key to the space that you were in.”

“But there was no keyhole.”

“That is where you have to think of it as a magic tool.”


Daniela chuckled and then began to send magical energy into the key. And with that, it started to glow with a faint light.


“And Rachel uses dimension magic. So space magic would be very easy for her.”


Daniela inserted the key to where there was nothing. And the blade of the key disappeared into nothingness.



“I was correct.”


Daniela turned the key. There was a click, and then the space opened. I frantically moved behind Daniela in order to look. There was the space I had been before. The alley.


“Daniela…you’re a genius…”

“Hehe. You can do better than that.”

“Brilliant, spectacular!”

“Yes, yes.”


Daniela was pleased and looked very smug. I pondered on how cute she was as I stepped out into the alley. The window to Rachel’s room was right in front of me.


“She was eating in there.”

“Let us open it then.”


Without a shred of hesitation, Daniela reached to touch the window, but then stopped.


“How do you open this thing?”

“Ah, windows here do not slide, do they?”


It was something engraved into my very being, and so I hadn’t even thought of it as nostalgic until now. But it really was a rather modern window.

And so I pushed the glass to the side to open it. We were met by the same small, square room. But Rachel was nowhere to be seen.


“I guess she’s out.”

“…Wait, I feel a presence.”


Daniela’s sharp eyes looked into the room. Without making a sound, she tried to enter, but I grabbed her arm and shook my head. She looked at me strangely, but I pointed at her shoes. She must have understood it, because she took off her shoes and then entered into the room.

I followed after her and checked to see if there was anything different. The low table was still there. And there was a folded mattress. That was it. It was like a prison cell, I thought. Then I looked up and saw that Daniela was staring at the sliding paper door. It seemed like she wanted to pass, but was stumped at the lack of a doorknob. I chuckled at this and slid the door to the side for her. Daniela let out a sigh.


It was a hallway. Just an ordinary hallway from a Japanese house. I felt a rush of nostalgia for a second, but it didn’t seem like the time to bask in it.

Daniela took a few steps and then stopped. She pointed at a door. Apparently, there was someone on the other side. I nodded and slowly opened the door.


It was a changing room.


“…Daniela. We better leave.”

“It seems to be the case… Let us go.”


We whispered to each other as we saw a pile of clothes on the ground. 


“Well, just wait a minute. I will be out soon.”


Came Rachel’s voice. So she knew we were here. Daniela looked surprised but remained cautious.

I didn’t care anymore and so I called out.


“We’ll be in the living room.”



Whatever… Hmm, she had probably already forgotten about how she dropped me into the sky.

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