Jack of all Trades – 173


Daniela never really bothered to wait when it came to food, and she was already tearing through the naan and shoving them down her throat. I swallowed back the saliva that was pooling in my mouth at the sight of this, and scooped up some red curry with a piece of naan bread and carried it to my mouth. This spiciness was incredibly addictive. And it was the hottest thing they served here… I wiped away the sweat on my forehead and drank some water.


The other was a light-colored curry. It was mild, with butter and cream inside. But this butter chicken curry also had hints of sourness and spiciness as well. The chicken was so soft that it crumbled. With one bite, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.


The last bowl was a keema curry filled with lots of ground meat. This was also incredible. In spite of the spices, the meat also had a strong presence. As a meat lover, Daniela considered it her favorite. Of course, I liked meat as well. Whether it was a steak or ground up. I put some of the thick curry onto the naan and tasted it. I couldn’t help but smile then. The finely chopped vegetables added so much texture, reminding you that there was more than just meat. It seemed so healthy that I had delusions of losing weight.


However, this time of joyfulness was about to come to a close. My stomach had reached full capacity. I could eat no more… I could see Daniela was loosening her belt in front of me. Why do people overeat like this…


“I’m done…I can’t eat…”



At this admission from Daniela, I called over the waitress and asked for a few more sets to take back with us. I wanted some naan as well, but I decided that we could just make it if we had the ingredients. Besides, I didn’t want to bother them too much. It was a busy night as it was.


The curry arrived in separate pots which I was able to put into the hollow bag. Now we could enjoy the curry whenever we wanted!

As full as we were, we could still be giddy about this prospect.


“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”


I handed her the money.


“I’m going to really miss this place after we leave tomorrow.”

“Oh, that is a shame. But I am sure you will be back.”

“Definitely. Definitely.”


Daniela declared with emotion. I felt the same.


“See you later then.”

“Yes, see you.”

“Thank you.”


We waved goodbye as we left the restaurant together.


The sky was now completely covered in the shadows of night. Still, the town itself was full of light, as if to suggest that things were only getting started.


“…It’s so pretty.”



We looked at the lights below us. Each light was filled with things sweet and bitter, good and bad…

There was a bonfire next to us that burned a bright red. I felt like there must be something smart I could say here related to it, but I was just not perceptive enough to know what that was.

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