Jack of all Trades – 174


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I entered the store and called out to them, but they seemed to be in that back. I wondered if they ever got robbed…


“Well, I guess I better go…”

“No, Asagi, wait. I will go and see.”

“Eh? It’s fine. You went last time.”

“No, I must go. You know, it will be better as we are all women.”

“You think? Well, I guess you’re right. I’ll wait here then.”

“Yes, you sit still. Very still.”

“No, I don’t know if I can.”


Daniela seemed to be rushing a little as she moved towards the back of the store. I took a seat on the usual chair and waited.


After a few minutes, very loud footsteps could be heard as they came running. There really was no reason to rush. Look, the exertion was causing their cheeks to flush.

Turia pulled out a chair and sat down first.


“Oh, so…sorry to keep you waiting…hhh…”

“Are you alright?”

“Oh, oh…yes… I am fine…there is no problem at all…mm…”


She looked very out of breath. I was a little worried. Miss Segura also looked a little anxious. Daniela picked something off of the floor as she followed after them. It looked like a handkerchief.


“Hahhh…so, what brings you here today?”


Miss Segura had finally caught her breath.


“Yes. We’ll be leaving town today. And so we came to say goodbye. Since you two really helped us and everything.”

“I…see… No, it was just our job. In fact, I was quite happy to be able to use such expensive materials for a change.”

“Yes, you can handle dragon materials. For some reason, none of the other craftsmen here could help us when it came to armor. Are they really that different?”


This was the main reason we had lost so much time. If it had not been an issue, Daniela would have likely had something very great by now.


“Yes. The materials are handled quite differently with clothes. With armor, the materials are treated similar to metal, and they must use fire.”

“I see. You definitely wouldn’t use fire with clothes.”

“Exactly. But none of the furnaces in this town are hot enough to deal with dragon materials.”


I see. That explained it. So I guess that meant that Nick had a furnace that was capable of it. The Paw Armor Shop was actually quite special?


“In any case, it is quite out of the question to have the work done here. You will have to go to the capital.”

“I see. Thanks. We happen to be headed for the capital, so it works out for us.”


Though, I would have been incredibly annoyed if it happened that we couldn’t get it done there either.


“Hehe. I suppose we will see a much stronger and lovelier Daniela in dragon gear the next time you visit?”

“Indeed. I expect to be dressed quite well the next time we meet.”

“I am very much looking forward to it.”


Daniela shook hands with both women and bid them goodbye. She smoothly slid the handkerchief into Miss Segura’s hand when she did so. That was very kind of her. Miss Segura hurriedly stuffed it into her pocket.

Yes, there was something pleasant about seeing all these girls get along so nicely! And in a store called the White Lilly… Hmm? I felt like I might be missing something.


“Well, we should go now. Asagi.”

“Hm? Oh, yeah. See you later then.”

“I will give you some pretty clothes when you come again.”

“And I will give you a good discount!”

“Oh, so you meant ‘sell.’”


We chuckled at that. There was something fun about this place.


“Goodbye then.”

“Thank you for everything.”

“Yes. Take care of your clothes.”

“Be safe!”


And then we parted ways. There was some hand waving as we made our way to the east gate, but we did not stop again until we reached it.


Our goal was the imperial capital. It was just a little longer now.

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    • Now now. This dense protag from Japan doesn’t even know about Lilies xD lol

      It just feels like a minus that he is too dense or ignorant… but then again those traits are not impossible to have.

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