Jack of all Trades – 176


A sharp thrust came towards me. I used Ashikirimaru to swipe it aside and take another step forward. However, the spear quickly pulled back before thrusting again. This time, I used the sword in my right hand to block it and take another step forward.




The spear I had blocked from the side came swinging down like a whip. I ducked out of its reach and finally found myself within striking distance.




With a shout, I slashed upwards with the demon sword. The boss sahuagin adeptly maneuvered his spear and stopped it by a hair’s breadth. However, that left him open for the Ashikirimaru. The sharp blade tore into his arm and fresh blood sprayed in the air. 




Its webbed hand tried to hold the wound shut, but the blood would not stop. It dripped down, painting the spear red. He would not be so quick now. I had been targeting his arm from the beginning.


“Now try holding that spear!”



The boss sahuagin glared at me with rage. I returned it with a grin. His reply was a thrust of his spear, which was now covered with water magic. However, the thrust was weaker now that he could only use one arm. I didn’t even have to block or parry it. I could just step away. And while I did that, I activated Legs of the Forest Wolf and increased my speed.

Eventually, the boss sahuagin could not keep up with me. His spear stopped moving and he screamed with irritation. He could no longer fight. Everything was about to end. At the same time, Daniela had killed the last of his subordinates.


“Good. It’s over!”


This was the moment for Asagi Kamiyashiro to showcase the move he had simulated so many times over in Jack of all Trades, Master of None. No one had been around to witness it before and send him a thunder of applause, but Daniela was here now. In spite of already being madly in love, she would somehow fall in love all over again. Such expectations went wild in my heart.

This move was purely about speed. A little technique added to the mix turned it into something incredibly deadly.

The wind moved faster as my swords turned into a blur of silver and green and shot towards the boss sahuagin.


“Kamiyashiro-style Dual Fang Body Slash!!”


A high speed flash tore into the boss sahuagin’s torso. And without slowing down, I cut into him from the other side. This was a move for dual-wielding. Cutting through a body with two fangs. The sharpness of the swords was vital. Jack of all Trades, Master of None had instructed me that it would be hard to keep my arms steady if I just slashed, and so I cut him as if stabbing through his flesh. The result was quite satisfactory, an all-around success.


The boss sahuagin had been cut into three pieces. Its eyes rolled back as it sunk into a puddle of blood. Perhaps it would find some solace in dying in something wet.




I swung the blood off of the sword and put it in my sheath. My eyes quickly went to the spear. It had fallen from his grip before my attack, and so it lay there without a scratch. Upon picking it up, I could sense the water attribute within it. While I already knew about, the fact that it was so tangible was rather impressive.


“Good work, Asagi.”

“Hey. Spoils of war.”


I twirled it around and pointed it at her. Daniela grabbed it and let out a sigh of admiration.


“It is a good spear. It is hard to think that a monster would own such a thing.”

“Perhaps they just found it in the marshes? I bet it was an Adventurer who challenged the lord of the swamp.”


I bet.


In any case, the fight was over and we decided to return to the camp. We would come back later to take the gills as proof of the hunt, if we could. But for now, we were just so tired and wanted to rest.


“Ah, Asagi. What was that thing you did? It was powerful and you moved well, but otherwise, quite embarrassing to watch.”

“What? …you’re kidding, right?”

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  1. When he adapts to a world where chunii people lived. Hm hm. Though he overplayed it. LOL
    I wonder if it was time for him to train the spear. He had no chance training the bow since it was Daniela’s weapon of choice and might ruin their formation. But spear weilding Asagi wouldnt be bad.


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