Jack of all Trades – 207


“I like it…”

“We should buy one like this next time.”


Daniela and I inspected the interior and began making plans for our next purchase.


It was decided that two people would take the watch at a time and Daniela and I would rest first. Mister said we had done so well in the fight and deserved to rest. So I accepted.


“Hahh…that was a tiring day…”

“I am quite confident that I shall sleep until morning.”

“Please don’t.”


Of course, I wasn’t sure I could get up either. I was tired both mentally and physically.


‘Goodnight,’ I said as I pulled the blanket over my face. It did not take long for sleep to come.


Moosh woke me up a few seconds later. Actually, I had slept for longer, but it felt like seconds.

As hard it was, Daniela and I rubbed at our eyes and left the tent. The moonlight shone beautifully down. The sky was also full of stars.



“I am tired…”


Daniela and I dragged ourselves to the driver’s seat.


“…Wait, shouldn’t we split up? You should go to the other wagon, Daniela.”

“I am quite sure I shall fall asleep if I am alone…”

“Me too… Ah, well. It can’t be helped then.”


And so we decided to sit on top of Mister’s wagon. From here, we would be able to see the wagon behind us.

I took some food out of the hollow bag, which I had brought. I had been more tired than hungry earlier, so we decided to have a late-night snack now. The skewers of meat and vegetables looked especially appetizing under the moonlight. By the way, we had given some to Mister and Moosh before going to bed. They would go to bed on full stomachs. The opposite of us.


“We will have to satisfy other urges once we get a room.”

“Daniela. Are you even awake?”

“This is good.”


I stared at her but she looked unconcerned, and so I decided to focus on the food as well. Yes, it was good. I had high hopes for whatever new food the capital would offer.


And so we sat there and ate. Now that I think of it, it was our first meal of the day…no wonder it felt so satisfying.


“Asagi. I want more.”

“Yeah. Take any you like.”

“Which one should I…”


I offered her the bag and she stuffed her arms inside. I ate three barbecue meat skewers and three spicy vegetable and meat rolls. That was enough.


“I will have what you were having.”

“It’s very popular. As it should be.”


We had bought that at the bar. As we could not get more, part of me wanted to save it for a special occasion. But humans could rarely beat their appetites.


As I had nothing better to do while Daniela ate and stared at the moon, I used Night Eyes to look at our surroundings. It allowed me to see quite a lot, which was kind of fun. Perhaps it was the notion that I was seeing what others couldn’t. Still, it was just a lot of identically covered wagons. And so my gaze turned to the sky.


There was something mystical and alluring about the night sky. I would often stare at it without any reason.


Perhaps it was a habit that started when I was a part-time worker. Of course, when there were no customers. That being said, living in the city meant the sky was never this clear. The best time to see stars was right after a typhoon.

I would often stare at the stars and wonder if I could really carry on with that job… Things were different now. I felt different when I looked at the sky. I felt sorry for my dead-end life at that time, but now I had Daniela with me and felt fulfilled in our days together. I still worried about the future, but I also looked forward to it. Back then, there was nothing but anxiety…


“Daniela. Do you mind if I go take a walk?”

“If you must… But do not go too far.”

“I’m not your kid.”

“More like a descendant.”


It was sometimes hard to know when poking her about her age would annoy her. But I guess women were like that. And with that, I jumped off of the tarp and went on a stroll.

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  1. Yes because it doesnt look suspicious at all walking around at night… sounds like a good way to be mistaken as a theif.

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