Jack of all Trades – 21


Daniela was curled up like a newborn baby who was blindly searching for her blanket. And it wasn’t just Daniela who was illuminated by the sunlight, so was her thin clothing that were scattered about.


“Mmm…Asagi, huh…morning…”

“G….ood morning…”

Daniela turned on her back. Oh, boy. They shook much like the meat buns we used to sell at my old job.


Her sleepy eyes slowly opened. As if making sure of her current situation. As if remembering. Her eyes glanced down to her clothes. Or lack thereof. Then she looked at me, with my tense expression.



“I will get dressed.”


I somehow managed to move my feet and get out of her room. I don’t have many memories of what happened after that, not until we arrived at the western gate.

□ □ □ □

We were now just in front of the forest. The forest that would be our home for the next three days. I could only pray that we would leave it in one piece.

“Okay, let’s go then.”


…She had become incredibly quiet for a while now. Sure, it was wrong for me to go in, but that was incredibly careless of her as well… I mean, did she mean to sleep like that when we were out in the forest as well? I was too afraid to even ask.

We went deeper in than usual and found a moderately flat clearing where we removed some stones and branches to pitch our tent. This was another world, but they still sold tarp, which I had asked Daniela to buy. This would really help elevate your camping area. If the tent was your bedroom, then the tarp was your living room. Now things would be much more comfortable even outside of the tent.

And to complete it all, we set up the four magic tools to create the barrier. They looked like normal boxes but had intricate engravings on the top. Apparently, there was a magic stone inside which created and maintained the barrier. Or that’s what I heard, anyway. I wasn’t really sure how it all worked, but it was useful nonetheless. Okay, we were all set then. I’ll invite Daniela to go out hunting now.

“Daniela. Can you teach me how to search for signs?”


She taught me about things other than combat as well, as we walked through the forest. I didn’t know if it was close or far, but I could sense that something was here. That was about it for the first day. But something was clearly different from before. The way I viewed the forest was starting to change. I was sure that I would be able to hone these new senses as the days passed.

I think again of how lucky I was to have met her. There were too many things I didn’t know that were necessary to survive. Maybe I could survive if that was all I wanted. But, if I wanted to live as an adventurer, then I needed someone to teach me. Up until now, the Black Rabbit incident had made it difficult to reach out for help. But then Daniela came. It really was a fateful encounter for me.

I was sure that I would continue to fight alongside her and learn from her. I should probably express my gratitude more often if I wanted to keep things running smoothly. The trick was to have a grateful heart.

The sun was starting to set and it was time for dinner. Daniela was sitting on the opposite side of the steaming pot which was full of wild plants and the food we had brought. I hoped that tomorrow it wouldn’t just be soup, that we would be able to cook and eat some meat as well… I would have to find some time and hunt for it.

Once the hot soup was finished, it was time to relax. The firewood was crackling loudly. I stared at the swaying bonfire and thought back on the day. I thought about how much I had grown recently and smile. Then I looked up at Daniela.

“Daniela, thank you. Everything’s different from yesterday. It’s like I’m seeing things differently now.”

“Aye, because you saw me naked. Swine.”

No, that’s not what I meant.

And so I ended up spending the night in a tree once again.

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  1. It seems somewhat a wrong logic being played here. So what if that was something your mother used to do to you? You’re his child so it doesn’t matter, but she’s a stranger so far, you barely know her, yet you just barge into her room like that pretending it was somewhat “normal” and wake her up by opening the curtain and the blanket. You even question whether she will dress “carelessly” when she’s sleeping out in the forest, of course she won’t, that was because she’s in the room by herself, if she’s out in the open, not to mention with a man, she certainly will put the appropriate clothing you dumbass…

    • MC logic in most novels, sad to see it being played on this one as well. They always conveniently forget that they are dealing with the opposite sex.

      I was hoping he would just poke her head, tease her a bit with some light flirt but instead we get the childish approach, sigh…

  2. Yanking the blankets off to awaken a friend you’ve newly met is definitely unacceptable.
    But what was more disappointing was Daniela leaving her inn door unlocked. She was already the object of an attack in this bordertown.
    This was a silly anime scenario driven lack of basic protective measures.

  3. stop whining about the bedroom incident. this novel as been doing great compared to others with realism. People make mistakes, even in real life. You all cannot nitpick for a mistake like that without being confident that you have never done something incorrect in your life. Maybe it wasnt worded properly, okay but this is a light novel, not a documentary about MC’s life that includes all variables

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