Jack of all Trades – 247




As I desperately watched Kapricorn’s every movement, I noticed something strange. The hands. They were holding six blades.




I took a few steps back and glanced towards the ground. Three swords had been thrown at me. And yet, they were nowhere to be seen.



“…How did you do that?”

“There is beauty in mystery. Asagi boy.”

“Perhaps you have too many secrets.”

“Secrets are the key to a woman’s appeal. Hah!”


Now that the mystery of her gender was out of the way, she attacked. This time, she kept them instead of throwing them. Her arms were crossed firmly in front of her as she dashed forward.

I stood my ground and held the flat of my blade towards her to block the attack.




Her charge turned into a front sault. The turning force gave power to her left hand as it swung down.




It was harder than I was expecting as I received it with my sword. However, that wasn’t the end of the attack. A series of kicks assaulted me. Then she jumped back and landed on the ground. To return the favor, I too did a front sault with the help of silver and green wind and swung at her.




However, she dodged it. It was as if she had completely vanished from the spot. And then her blades would suddenly shoot towards me from the side.

However, I had been watching out for such an attack, and was able to knock them down. I still didn’t know what was happening, but I had seen the moment she disappeared.


“Still not sure how you did it, but I did catch it this time.”


“Most people would think they were seeing things…”


I hadn’t even blinked the first time. And there was a small part of me that doubted it was due to incredible speed. It had been a mystery. But after the second time, I was sure that it wasn’t speed.

Besides, I remembered how I hadn’t seen her at all during the preliminaries.


“It’s shadows, isn’t it? You can travel between our shadows.”

“…It’s nice to meet someone with good instincts, once in a while.”

“Uh, thanks.”


She raised her hands and shook her head in admission. She seemed a little disappointed, but not angry.


“You are probably the only one in the group who would figure it out.”

“Flattery won’t get you anywhere in this fight.”

“Haha. Oh, I agree wholeheartedly.”


She readjusted her swords with a pleased expression as she continued to talk.


They entered my ears in a way that no words had done before. It was almost familiar, like a voice I had heard during my childhood. They were words I never expected to hear in a place like this.


“Shadow diving. Yes, no one in this world would think of something like that. Why, it’s straight out of a comic book. Don’t you agree? Asagi?”

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  1. “It’s straight out of a comic book” that gave out a hint that she is either a transported or reincarnated person. Perhaps she is even Agasi’s acquaintance.

    Thanks for the treat.

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