Jack of all Trades – 251


I wasn’t a kid anymore. I’m mad. I’ll hit you. That’s not how I work. Nope. Especially not in a place like this. Yeah, I was pretty pissed off a few seconds ago, but I’ve already forgotten about it. Yes, let’s just say it didn’t happen.




I took in a deep breath. I needed to concentrate. This was all part of his strategy. He had gone out of his way to do some research. He must feel very cautious about this fight.

That had to be it, right? It was such a small incident that happened far away. A winner wouldn’t care about that. Crush me with your overwhelming skill if you’re a true winner.


“Have you figured out how you are going to run away? Let’s begin then.”

“Yeah. Let’s make it a fight that neither of us will regret.”

“Haha. Indeed.”


I unsheathed my sword and held it in a lowered stance. Adlus pulled out his blue, two-edged sword in a smooth motion. I guessed that it had the water attribute. Adlus’s alias was ‘Wanderer.’ He had the ability to control and shape water as he desired.

I could see the energy flowing from him. It was a dark blue.




The referee shouted. And with that, water began to flood around Adlus’s feet. The currents of water rose into the air and enveloped him.


“That’s a lot of water to create… I suppose that’s why you have an alias.”

“Hmph. This is nothing. It’s very telling that this much surprises you, Black Rabbit.”


I pulled down my hood, as I didn’t like to get wet. And then I let the ice magic flow. I could hear it forming around my feet. Then I used Legs of the God Wolf to crack the ice as I walked forward.


“Ahaha. That is quite the performance. You’re not even worth fighting! …What!?”


The shocked look on Adlus’s face was incredibly satisfying. I raised my speed all at once and  instantly moved behind his back before swinging my sword.



“Did you really think I would fall for that?”


Adlus had spun around and blocked my blade. I could see him smirking behind the flow of water. Had he predicted it? Right now? That was crazy.




I pulled back my sword and moved away. This time, I thrust towards his side. But this was also blocked by the water. He then looked at me and laughed.


After that, I used Legs of the God Wolf at full speed and slashed at him from every angle, and yet they were all blocked. Of course, I wasn’t just swinging randomly. I was putting Jack of all Trades, Master of None’s simulation abilities to heavy use. And yet, not only my sword, but even the Ice Arrows were being blocked. This was true even when I attacked from multiple sides simultaneously. Perhaps a cheat was involved?


“It’s no use, Black Rabbit. My water will block all of your attacks. Why don’t you understand? That is the nature of my magic.”

“…I see.”


Water magic auto-guard. Hmm. So that’s what it was. Adlus laughed every time my attacks were blocked. So he hadn’t actually been able to follow my movements. He just needed to stand there, because the magic barrier protected him. He had been prepared before the fight even began.


“I lived long enough to create this water magic. ‘Wogenstrom Shield’ can easily deal with your childish attacks.”

“Right… Well, I should change tactics then.”


I could tell it was original magic just by the name. Just the sound of it gave me a headache.


“The only thing you can do is run away.”

“Is that what you think, bastard? You clearly didn’t do enough research.”


I had more traits than being called ‘Black Rabbit’ at one point. Looking up a person’s weaknesses alone was no way to victory…

At least, I think… I could never become fully confident about such things.

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    • I’m honestly suprised it wasnt one if his first thoughts. When I read that the prick covered himself in a water barrier I could only think “ah, how long will he survive being a block of ice?

  1. Cheers for the chapter, and all your hard work!
    Gotta love how author-Sen is trying to build up some suspense.
    Tbh I just want Asagi to turn the prick into a popsicle so we can
    go onto the real fight. The one between Asagi and Daniela!

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