Jack of all Trades – 266


  ◇   ◇   ◇   ◇


Name: Asagi Kamiyashiro

Race: Human

Job: Adventurer(Rank: A)


Alias: Silvergreen

LV: 89

HP: 850/850

MP: 835/835

STR: 463  VIT: 481

AGI: 936  DEX: 482

INT: 455  LUK: 39

Skills: Jack of all Trades, Master of None(-), Legs of the God Wolf(-), Eyes of the God Wolf(-), Single-handed Sword(9/10), Shortsword(6/10), Spear(3/10), Bow(2/10), Greatsword(6/10), Presence Detection(8/10), Presence Block(4/10), Night Eyes(5/10)


Magic: Ice Magic(9/10), Water Magic(8/10), Fire Magic(2/10)


Quests: Investigating the Reserentrible Labyrinth Disaster


Party: Daniela Villesilf


Equipment: Armor

                   Head – None

                   Torso – Ice Dragon Breastplate

                   Arms – Ice Dragon Gauntlets

                   Legs – Ice Dragon Leg Guards

                   Feet – Accel Panther Boots

                   Weapons – Glampanzer



                   Clothes – Wind Dragon Poncho

                                 – Wind Dragon Waist Cloth  

                                 – Wind Dragon Trousers



                   Accessories – None


  ◇   ◇   ◇   ◇


The last time I checked had been before entering the tournament. I had also killed that Wind Dragon, but it seemed that I was at a point where my level didn’t really go up by much anymore. Still, three was pretty good. I would be in the nineties soon. That was exciting. We’ve been doing quests like proper Adventurers. Everything was good.


“Let’s go then.”


Daniela finished looking at her own status card and nodded to me. Then we went over to where Manager and Lemon were waiting. They were sitting on a bench together and talking happily. They must have really hit it off. I always found her somewhat mysterious and intimidating… Well, I suppose I didn’t anymore. Lemon seemed like the type who could get along with anyone. They were laughing together. Perhaps they were perfect for each other. There was something about Lemon’s smile that was void of any ill will.


Still, we were starting to look a little bit like a harem. Obviously, it wasn’t anything of the sort. But there were elves and an older sister type and a younger sister type… It was a little too close to some kind of template.


“Asagi. Doesn’t this remind you of one of those harem things?”


“Oh, I can see that…!”


Lemon joined in.


“No. I am Asagi’s only husband.”

“I’d be the husband, you dumbass.”

“Hahaha! Well, we’ll be counting on you. I have some experience as well, so this arrangement should be beneficial to us all.”

“This is my first quest, but I’ve been fighting for a long time! And I’ve killed my share of bandits, so you don’t have to worry about me.”

“Right. That’s great. Daniela is a veteran, but I’m still pretty inexperienced.”


And like that, our temporary party of four was formed. Well, it was more like two parties. In any case, it was off to Reserentrible. It would be terrible if we arrived and the entire town had already been swallowed up by the dungeon.

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  1. Cheers for the chapter, and all your hard work!

    Seems the manager is still gunning for a spot by Asagi’s side. Unlike with the cleaner gal that had a crush on on her “man”, I think Daniela is more intimidated by the manager…

    On a side note, but is it only me that feels Asagi has gotten more harsh when dealing with Daniela? I dont remember him ever calling her dumbass or being so argumentative like in the last few chapters. Is this foreshadowing that the honeymoon is over?

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