Jack of all Trades – 267


She jabbed me in the ribs with a mischievous grin. But it was true, I wasn’t sure what I could tell her that would be interesting.


“First of all, what were you doing last night?”
“Alright, let’s go. Lemon, do you want to be left behind?”

“Oh, wait a minute!”


I called to her just as we went through the south gate. Daniela and Manager were talking amusedly about something as I gave the guard our status cards. Unfortunately, I did not have Ears of the God Wolf.


  □   □   □   □


We came out to a vast open field. There were small hills in the distance. It reminded me a little of Spiris. There was a dirt-colored path splitting it in half. A hardened road. It was wide enough for carriages to pass each other.


“I heard that the Empire intends to pave some actual roads here.”


Manager said. I imagined the amount of stone that would require. Still, it would make traveling easier for many people. More traffic meant more money. The city would grow even larger… Maybe there would be taverns and inns on the side of this road by then. Future tournaments would get even more crowded… It was a nice thought.


“The increased traffic would mean the city will be overflowing with people.”

“But, that is a good thing!”


Daniela and Lemon voiced what I had been thinking, so I just nodded. This place had a long history, but it would continue to develop. I hoped the capital of Lambrusen was similarly glorious. I wanted to visit it one day…


It was easy traveling through the plains. The weather was nice, and while we met other travelers, there were no monsters. Besides, this wasn’t just an ordinary merchant road. It led to what was practically a nest for people who fought as their trade. If anything, monsters would probably want to stay away.


Several hours passed after we started. The grass grew taller and the trees started to appear.


“We should be careful.”


Daniela suggested. I instinctively touched my weapon of choice for the day. The demon armor sword. It really was easy to use. It felt like a part of my body now. I was quite sure that I could smoothly sheath and unsheath it on my back at this point. Or maybe I was delusional. The blade itself was very durable, which was no surprise, since it was ore that was usually used for armor. It made me wonder what a set of armor made from it would be like.


I used Presence Detection as we moved. After a while, I sensed something up ahead. As Daniela had the same skill level, she noticed it at the same time and stopped.


“It is behind those trees and boulders. Goblins.”


I couldn’t even tell what the monster was. Recognizing their signals was easy, but not at this distance… I suppose Daniela’s experience still gave her the upper hand in that area.

This was our first monster after leaving the capital. If we wanted to maintain our good start, we’d best be careful, but also bold. I prayed for our success in Reserentrible as I unsheathed the friend that hung on my belt.

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