Jack of all Trades – 272


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And so we set out once again. It was the same formation as before. While there were windows along the way that let in a little light, it was still quite dark. The walls sometimes shifted from stone to wood, perhaps because of the town being swallowed up and the dungeon reconstructing itself. Sometimes, there’d be a hole in the middle of a passage that led to a different passage. Or there’d be doors that obviously belonged to someone’s house at one point. Whether or not they led to a house or not seemed to be random.


“I’ve never been in a dungeon that was so strange and easy to get lost in.”


Manager said. Daniela nodded.


“Yes, this one is different. Well, this is my first time being in one during a labyrinth disaster, but it is more than I had imagined.”


Hearing that from a veteran like Daniela suggested just how startling it all was. Yes, someone as cautious as her would not usually want to come here…I would never have come if I was alone. It was only because I had someone I could rely on.


“Hmm… Monsters coming from behind.”


Daniela was the first to catch the movements through Presence Detection. Moments later, the monsters entered my detection range as well. Just as I turned around, Manager disappeared from the front and reappeared in front of Lemon. I was so jealous of her cheat skill.

Eventually, they showed themselves on the other side of the passage. They seemed to be about as tall as us. Emerald green skin. While they were muscular, they weren’t quite as bulky as orcs.


“They look like goblins…”

“Hobgoblins. They are an advanced type of goblin.”

“I see…I’ve never seen them before.”


I had only ever seen the small goblins. But here, in this closed in dungeon, the weak were killed and the strong survived. It was different in the outside world. Well, only a little.


“I suppose I will go first.”


Daniela unleashed her first arrow. It went straight between the eyes of the first hobgoblin. Then the six blades that Manager held in her hands tore the following hobgoblin apart. A third hobgoblin sprang out from behind it, but Lemon thrust out her spear, stopping it in its tracks. At the same time, I flew in the air, barely touching the ceiling and then slammed the black emperor sword into the last goblin’s head. Yes, things went well this time. I hung upside down from the ceiling and gave them a thumbs up.


“See, you can do it. That was completely different.”

“I’m capable of learning too, Daniela.”

“Haha. Now get down here and help us collect the ears.”



We had to get the proof of the hunt. Hobgoblins were like normal goblins, you took the left ear. However, the ears looked slightly different and it was possible to tell them apart. As for Minotaurs, it was the horns. And for Lamias it was the scales. We had forgotten to take anything from the Minotaur, but we did get the scales from the Lamia.

I used the Ashikirimaru to cut off the ears. I couldn’t remember if I’d ever cut any legs with it yet… 

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  1. But it’s not the first time they have fought in caves… it maybe the first since he has gotten the legs of the god world, but that in no way means he has no experience at all fighting in enclosed spaces.

    • I guess author is an amateur, while he has a great potential he forgets a lot and doesn’t apply previous experiences MCs had to present situations or he simply tries to bend characters to his story to make it more interesting because at this point Asagi actually was stronger than Danie, he had prior experience in narrow spaces, he could defeat and slash through dragons but author tries to shove it under the rug in order to progress the story because if not he would need a lot more brain power to think of something interesting (like slashing in one second would be boring for the reader).
      He or she made mistakes along the way, making Asagi OP so in order to correct this mistake author little by little changes Asagi back to his weak state since author wanted the dynamic of butom guy and top girl and it became harder to write a story considering what Asagi achieved and things he got.
      All in all a good read but it would be hard naming this author a true novelist, novelist in training yes.

      • agreed. the author seemingly forgets things or retcons them as to make asagi much weaker than he actually was which is ridiculous since he had been adventuring with daniela for almost a year and a half. considering he fought dragons solo, minotaurs, lamias and hobgoblins should be trash mobs for him.

        the author is quite inconsistent in power levels and skills. his jack of all trades should have kicked in and assisted in killing the lamia but he had to made a simple mistake which should never happen given the experience he had. its also stupid that the MC got away with this with a throwaway line like he is a dungeon G-ranker.

        i guess the authors amateurish writing becomes prominent when he/she keeps beating the MC’s down for the sake of tension.

  2. 《I used the Ashikirimaru to cut off the ears. I couldn’t remember if I’d ever cut any legs with it yet…》you did! Once! When you learned what happened when you cut legs with it, ne? xD

    Thanks for the chapter!!☆

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