Jack of all Trades – 275


She slowly poked her head out. I was already holding my sword and was prepared to jump out.


“There it is…”


Manager gestured for me to come, and so I snuck over and looked. There was a wide-open chamber that was covered in spider webs. As for the monster itself, it was in the center of the room. The spider girl. The Arachne.



“You really need to restrain yourself in times like this…”

“It’s times like this when some dreams come true.”


It was similar to a silk spider in coloring. Yellow and black. Its multiple eyes were red. It had its left side towards us. As for the human body that protruded from the top, it was a woman, just like Rex had said. The stomach was nicely toned and the skin was so pale you’d think she had all of the blood drained from her. The breasts were large but were, unfortunately, lacking nipples. The face was of a young woman and very pretty. But there was something in the expression that suggested she was not as young as she looked. The black hair had streaks of yellow in it to match the rest of the body. As someone who liked punk, I thought it was a nice touch. The overall appearance was rather appealing. Damn it. Sometimes I really wished I had my smartphone! Or knew how to draw! This was an image that should be saved!


“It saw us!”


“You were breathing way too loud!”


“It’s not my fault!!”


No matter how you looked at it, it definitely was my fault.


“Damn it. Let’s go!”

“It’s not! It’s not!”

“Shut up! Let’s hurry!”

“What’s gotten into you, Lemon!”


Lemon pushed me forward as we burst into the chamber. The Arachne was already heading in our direction, and our eyes met. Of course, the eyes on the top half. While the swaying chest was distracting, it was hard to take your eyes off of those red pupils. There was a strong will there. It made me wonder if she could talk.


“Wait. We have no intention of-ggaaah!!”


Something kicked me from behind.


“Have you gone mad? Get out of the way!”


I rolled into a wall. While Daniela’s insult hurt a little, I now understood what she meant. Whatever will I had sensed was just the will to kill. It wanted to kill us so desperately. I was fully awake now… I could hardly forgive myself for getting distracted like that. There was no doubt about it, this Arachne was a monster.


“Alright, I’m awake now. I’m back!”

“Good. Then do something about those webs!”

“Got it!”


I thrust my sword into the ground and gathered indigo blue magic to my hands. I knew that this was what I had to do.

And so I clapped my hands together loudly. Bam! The sound echoed, and just as everyone’s movements stopped, I slammed my hands onto the ground; activating Frostheim. The frost began to spread throughout the room and freeze the webs.


“Sorry that it’s not real alchemy!”

“Caution really means nothing to you!”


I could hear Manager shout, but I was busy. This was no time for caution. I sent magic into my hands once again and created a frost sword as I stood up. Manager sighed. The frost sword was in my left hand and the Black Emperor Sword was in my right. A black sword and a pale white sword. I almost wished I was wearing a black coat to match.


“Alright. Let’s end this now! I’ve already been kicked!”


The Arachne seemed startled and took a few steps back. I charged. It was easy to pass Daniela and Manager while they were going for their weapons. After all, I had Legs of the God Wolf. The platinum and green wind that enveloped my legs gave me a sense of security as if it would take me anywhere.

I dashed forward and then climbed up the air and did a backflip near the ceiling. I landed upside-down on the ceiling and then jumped again. My wind dragon clothes flapped wildly as I raised both hands up and then down towards my back. Then I swung down with both swords.




The Arachne raised her right arm to shield herself, which resulted in her arm promptly being severed twice. But my attack didn’t stop there. I ran upward as if there was a wall in front of me and planted my accel panther boot right into her pretty face. The Arachne stumbled. Then I unleashed a wind boost around my feet and slid towards the ground and to her flank. There, I slashed at the spider legs. I took two with every hit. That was four with both blades. The Arachne could no longer maintain its balance and started to fall in my direction. I discarded the frost sword and held the Black Emperor Sword in both hands and used Jack of all Trades, Master of None to ensure a quick and precise swing. And like that, the Arachne’s upper half was split from the bottom half as it tumbled to the ground.




I sheathed my sword and sighed. So, now the monster that had chased Rex was killed. Just then, I saw him peeking at us from behind the corner. At the same time, I heard him mutter.


“We should just leave everything to him…”

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