Jack of all Trades – 284


“Now that I think of it… The last time I chose my own armor was at Chief’s. I didn’t have money back then, and had to settle for old leather armor.”


Old armor and weapons made by the apprentice. I used them to hunt goblins every day so I could retrieve their weapons and sell them. It had not been easy.


“I should never forget how I felt back then.”


Remember it. I would treat this mission like it was my first.

And to do that, I needed to get some sleep. I was going to stay up all night, after all. And so I put my equipment by the table and then sunk into my bed. I hadn’t slept this early in a while, but it wasn’t too hard to fall asleep. I had plenty of practice during my time on the night-shift.


  □   □   □   □


I awoke to the sound of the door closing.


“Mm. Did I wake you?”



Her face looked a little red. I suppose her bar-hopping adventure had come to an end.


“Hahhh… I better get ready.”

“I came back early, so you still have some time.”

“Oh. Right.”


I looked at the clock and saw that it was a little past seven… The sun had gone down, but things were still lively in the city. This would continue until at least eleven, so I had plenty of time to go to the noble district. For all I knew, there were others hired to watch the area as well, but I hadn’t heard anything about them. Maybe we would have a meeting upon arriving. Otherwise, it would just be very confusing when trying to tell who was an Adventurer and who was a potential thief. Of course, it was also possible that I was the only one.


I mused over this while showering. My brain felt fully awake by the time I put the armor on. As for weapons, I grabbed a short sword, just in case. The Ashikirimaru. I had the gauntlets and could also use magic if necessary. It just seemed like a good idea to avoid any long weapons.


Then I made a quick meal out of the food that Daniela had bought, and then stood up from the chair.


“I better go now.”

“It is your first solo quest in a while. Be careful.”

“Yeah. I’ll try and treat it as if it’s my first.”

“Hmm. You look good in your new gear.”

“Thanks. See you later.”


Daniela raised her fist and I bumped mine against it. We would kiss when I got back. Until then, I would have to succeed in this quest and gain experience and some confidence.


I opened the window in our room and activated Presence Block. It was about average in level, but my equipment enhanced the effect. And so when I activated Legs of the God Wolf and jumped out of the window, no one noticed me. No one but Daniela. She waved from the window as I ran through the sky.

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  1. Cheers for the chapter, and all your hard work!

    He forgot restraints for whatever captive he catches. Might have been a good place for those magical chain gauntlets Daniela found a while back.

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