Jack of all Trades – 285


“Exactly. Don’t see this as purposeful sadism or worse, a show of my confidence in you. It just seemed the most logical to me. My servants would only get in your way.”

“You might be expecting a little too much from me.”

“An A-Rank Adventurer with an Alias who was first-runner up in the Imperial Sword Tournament. You may be attempting to be modest, but with such a status, it sounds more like sarcasm.”


Much of that was mere coincidence. Getting involved in a town we stopped by helped raise my level to A. And it was that damned redhead, Bordow, who named me Silvergreen. I had beaten Adlus because the circumstances were favorable to me. It was not the case against Daniela. There was no end to people who were above me.


“And so I am asking you alone. With your feet, you shouldn’t have any trouble moving over walls, I presume?”


“Then it’s settled.”


She said. And without waiting another second, she got up and left the room. The butler opened the door for me, and so I followed him to the entrance. It was just as I was about to step out that he called to me.


“Good luck, Mister Asagi.”


That was all. And it was much warmer than all that talk of tools. I was encouraged.


“Thank you. Leave it to me.”


I gave him a thumbs up and stepped outside. The cool winter air stimulated my brain as I sucked it in. I could feel my head clear.


“…Alright then.”


I turned around and used Legs of the God Wolf to jump up onto the roof of the mansion. Then I crouched and activated Presence Block. It was there that I widened the range of Presence Detection and used Eyes of the God Wolf to watch the area.


While I did have Night Eyes, I hadn’t said anything about using it. I had only muttered in reply to Daniela. Hehe!


I was just a guy who sat there all in black. But it took an intense amount of concentration.

I would probably need to take a break every hour.

And that was how my night of guarding began. It was almost nine o’clock. And I would have to stack up until morning.

But damn it. It was cold… Not having my ice dragon armor made it feel even colder. However, I was able to bear it, by just using a little dark blue magic. The night sky was clear and you could see the moon. The garden was particularly beautiful under the moonlight. Not that I could spend much time looking at it. I had other things to watch.


“Let’s do this…”


I was getting used to the cold now. And so I used Eyes of the God Wolf to scan the entire area.


  □   □   □   □


And so I sat and guarded for five hours. It was now just a little past three o’clock. About ninety percent of the mansion staff were motionless in bed. The few who were still moving were likely maids or the butler. The gatekeeper had also retired, and there was no one on the outskirts of the property.

And then, a single figure entered my wide detection range. Well, it had happened several times before. And whenever I had looked closer with Eyes of the God Wolf, it had always been a drunken soldier or servant. They’d sway from side to side in front of the house and then walk away. That was all.


However, this one was clearly different. First, this one wasn’t wobbling about. It was coming straight towards the Carteraza house. Then it seemed to stare hard, and move away. When it returned, there were other presences as well.


“Hah…surely this doesn’t mean a night raid…”


I muttered on top of the roof. I could see them talking with my now platinum eyes. But unfortunately, I couldn’t hear them. And my eyes were telling me that this wasn’t normal.

It was written all over their faces. They were going to sneak in and steal something.

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