Jack of all Trades – 287


Reticle? Like the cross mark on the scope of a gun? It was something that helped you take aim. You wouldn’t miss… Perhaps that’s what she meant with the name. An Automata would likely be very precise. But then again, there were no guns in this world.

Still, a name for an Automata? I suppose it was useful. What would I have named it… No, never mind that.


“So, you’re really not going to be killing them. Have I got that right?”

“Yes, that is correct. As for you, your job is now finished. It is now a matter between noble houses.”

“I understand. That’s the last thing I want to get more involved it.”

“That’s very wise of you. Now, here is your reward. I had promised you that it would be doubled if you captured them. I even added a little bonus. It’s for each one that you caught. Think of it as a show of gratitude, for helping me acquire such useful…resources.”

“I gratefully accept.”


It didn’t sit right with me that she saw people as resources, but she would probably treat them well enough if they succeeded. The butler handed me a bag of gold and I made my way to the door. Just then, Douva and the others called out to me.


“Uh, thank you. We might not have ever escaped from the shadows without you.”

“Thank you!”

“Thank you!”


Awkward. I just did my job. In fact, I had done it in a pretty self-indulgent way at that… Things just happened to end on a positive note, that’s all. It all depended on Miss Camila.


“Don’t mention it. I’m glad no one was killed. Good luck.”

“Aye. …Oh, I didn’t hear your name. Will you tell us?”


Uh… I guess I hadn’t. I mean, they were enemies…

But it would be rather embarrassing to introduce myself now. Not that that was a good reason to refuse.


“It’s Asagi. A humble Adventurer.”

“Asagi… You’re Asagi Kamiyashiro. Everyone knows that name.”

“Haha. Surely not. Anyway, I gotta go. I’m very, very tired…”


I slung the bag of money over my shoulder and left the guardhouse. I also activated Presence Block, just in case. There were gasps of alarm coming from within the guardhouse. I chuckled sleepily. It couldn’t be helped. I was no longer used to staying up all night. And so, in order to return to my usual schedule, I used Legs of the God Wolf to return straight to the inn.


  □   □   □   □


During the afternoon of the following day. Daniela had finally kicked my out of the bed in frustration, and so I stifled a yawn and left the inn to wander on the streets. The yawns were clearly an indication that I hadn’t had enough sleep, but Daniela was unforgiving. Well, then. I might as well go eat, I thought. And so I moved my shaky feet forward and opened my mouth wide. There was no point in stifling it anyway.


“Extra! Extra! Read all about it!”


As I walked towards the dining hall, I could hear someone shouting. Some newspaper, I guess. Now that I think about it, hadn’t Daniela been reading something? I thought dumbly as I walked. Suddenly, a crumpled paper got caught on my legs. I picked it up and spread it out.




It was just words. But it said that a certain noble had been stripped of all titles. So, Miss Camila had done exactly as she had promised. She had escaped the approaching danger. The Automata was safe and she had new people working for her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she stole her enemy’s gold as well. And as the noble was ruined, Douva’s debts would be erased.


I folded the newspaper and entered the dining hall. It was pretty crowded, but I was able to find an empty seat. Everyone seemed to be smiling here, and the atmosphere was pleasant. But while we all dined in peace here, there were people elsewhere who fought like dogs. The world was a big place. It was, but what was unknown to you was often not as far away as you thought.


“Haaahhh…damn it, I’m sluggish…”


Danger was always present. But for now, I prioritized satiating my appetite. I put the newspaper down and ordered some food. The waitress repeated it energetically and then disappeared into the kitchen. I looked down and tried to read the small articles on the paper, but it was hard to concentrate. I felt like I was still half asleep. As I sat there, feeling light-headed, a delicious smell entered my nostrils.


“Here’s your food!”

“That looks good…”


But for now, everything was peaceful. Now, this was a time when I could relax and just eat my food.

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  1. I’d expect that employer noble lady to be more sinister and to go back on her word once she ruined that opposing noble. Silencing her “tools” permanently once they became more a liability than an asset is a pretty obvious step.

    • That would be a waste of assets. Think of a noble as a capitalist CEO of a corporation, i.e. their house. CEOs always look to leverage all the use of their assets that they can. Even employee incentives are just to have a more productive workforce.

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