Jack of all Trades – 288


The villagers who entered through the north gate talked to the soldier who was guarding the gate. The military immediately prepared to defend. Defend the city, that is. While there was no one left in the village, it was still the home that these people were born and raised in. 

But the army was only interested in protecting the city. It was their job. So, who would protect the village? Adventurers. The villagers had put up a request to take back the village from the goblins. And they were using all of their money for this. Not only that, but the city was also offering to pay as well. It was one way to support them without leaving the city.


In any case, all of this resulted in a rather lucrative quest showing up on the board.


“‘Namila Village Liberation Front.’ That’s a pretty grand name for a quest.”

“It was the chief who wrote it. Apparently, this chief is quite young.”


That explained it. Well, I quite liked names like this.

The Namila Village Liberation Front had the ultimate goal of suppressing the goblin stampede. And so there were requirements when it came to rank. You had to be a Garnet at least…or Rank C. While F-Rankers often killed goblins, it was a different matter when they came in such great numbers. Besides, there were different kinds of goblins. Most of the encounters I had with goblins were in Fhiraldo or on the road. But in stampedes like these, there were likely to be goblins that used arrows or even magic. It was the result of being raised in a special environment that caused them to grow in such a variation.


We had prevented a kobold stampede once. Had we not done that, it would have likely resulted in more irregular kobolds appearing. And so it was pretty bad that this one had not been stopped beforehand.


“Alright, let us go and register.”


Daniela said as she got up from her seat. As this was categorized as a special quest, you had to go to a special counter to register. There were quite a few people already lined up. Everyone would be above C-Rank. These Adventurers were all confident in their ability. Their equipment looked both expensive and well used. As for me, I was in my normal clothes. After all, I had just come here originally to gather information.


Still, people gave me odd glances.


“Look at that…is that guy serious?”

“This is a grave matter for those poor villagers…”


However, there were others who saw it differently.


“Well, he sure seems confident.”

“Isn’t that Asagi?”



Hmm. I was just a little bit pleased at being recognized. But once I was, there was something in their looks that suggested disappointment. What the…


“Asagi, I suppose you are not aware…”


“There has been much talk about how you wander around the city while poorly dressed.”



Poorly!? It’s made from dragon materials!


“And sometimes you walk around without a sword…like you are some kind of unemployed…”

“What ridiculous rumors…”

“They are not entirely wrong either.”


In this world, people did not take you seriously if you dressed roughly. But my clothes were comfortable and practical. So why were they unacceptable? It’s not like I was wearing a tracksuit.


“I am not sure what you were thinking. What if you were attacked?”


She wasn’t wrong. There were lots of armed people in this world who were up to no good. I shouldn’t go out for a stroll with the same mentality as someone going to a convenience store. I should have realized this sooner.


“Even I remain armed wherever I go.”


“While we are both wearing dragon, having a weapon is also a way of keeping people in check. You should always have one on you.”

“Right… I’ll be more careful in the future.”


Basically, I needed to have some heavy sword hanging on my belt at all times, if I wanted to survive. Well, I promised myself that I would do just that. 


The odd looks decreased as we moved along in the line. And then we finally reached the counter. I took out my status card from my pocket and put it on the counter along with Daniela’s.


“Mister Asagi and Miss Daniela. Thank you for accepting the quest. As you are both rubies, you more than qualify. I’ll have you registered immediately.”

“Thank you.”


Rubies were A-Rank. B-Rank was jade.


“A-Rank Adventurers will be expected to raid and annihilate. B-Rank and C-Rank Adventurers will focus on killing the goblins who try and escape. Do you have any questions?”

“Uhh, how many A-Rankers are there?”

“There are two. Adlus, and Rindo.”


Hohoho. Was this an Imperial Sword Tournament reunion? How very exciting. Well, Mister Heinrich wasn’t participating. Perhaps he had gone home? It would have been nice to see him in action.


“Do you have any other questions?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Very well then. The registration has been complete. Here are your status cards.”


And like that, it was done. This would be my first time being part of a real stampede.


I thought again about how many events we had been involved in since coming here. And now, something new was about to begin. Well, perhaps it had already started, and we were jumping in halfway. I was starting to get the feeling that something completely unexpected was about to happen. Hmm. Was this what it was like to be a proper protagonist?

No, it was probably just these rough clothes that made me feel that way. Still, I was amped up for what would come. And so I told Daniela that I’d return to the inn ahead of her so I could check my equipment. In order to overcome what might turn into a fierce battle, I would have to be sure that my armor was in good condition.

It was the trick to getting through such trials. And this liberation front was something I wanted to overcome safely.

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  1. Cheers for the chapter, and all your hard work!
    Why does this chapter feel like its foreshadowing Asagi will be ambushed while wondering around in his “normal” clothes and without a sword.

  2. Asagi can just make an ice sword.. or fly away with legs of the god wolf, simple.
    But then maybe Daniella is gettibg tired of her Asagi getting odd looks due to his poor attire. Asagi must learn to dress up when he’s with Daniela at least~

    Thanks for the chapter~♡

    • I think people don’t know his “Shabby” attire is most likely more expensive than their armor and weapons combines as well as having light defensive capabilities due to being made of Dragon Mats. Most people would be like “Cloths made of dragons what a waste!?” MC common sense vs normal people common sense. Oh and he can make a sword out of ice and and use water and ice magic. So by most reason he is actually armed and very dangerous but most people are too unaware of his attire and capabilities to understand not to look down on someone and there are always a few “odd” ones in high ranks(They don’t follow the norm most think of due to being powerful via money or personal power leading to odd outfits, weapons, hobbies, personalities or just their overall character)

      • Most have the ability to use Magic. If you look like a slob, then your a slob. It doesn’t matter how rich you are.

      • Shabby and slob are not the same Shabby(which is the word use) clothes would be cheap, old or of bad quality but anyone with a discerning eye would know his outfit is high quality, Now if he was a slob Which he isn’t we know like all protags these men LOVE their baths… A slob is a messy person being a slob is pointed at a person not his outfit he can dress sloppy. He can be shabby but they refer repeatedly to his outfit not him as a person. It’s like if a rich teen dresses in clothes from that look like they are a walmart hoodie and sweatpants BUT they are made of the finest silk and velvet. So they look cheap but that is no reason to call them a slob or the clothes shabby, the teen would fit better being called eccentric meaning “a person of unconventional and slightly strange views or behavior.” or “(of a person or their behavior) unconventional and slightly strange.” while not everyone knows what his clothes are made out of his hygiene and personal grooming was never called into question just his choice of clothes which are closer to what commoners wear and seeing an adventurer in clothes you’d wear while out running errands either means he’s insane or very strong and they see a young person being over confident or insane.

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