Jack of all Trades – 289


The sleighs had been waiting for us just outside of the gate. The military could not leave the city. But they were more than willing to lend their sleighs to us Adventurers. This was a massive help.

We no longer had to walk while concentrating on every inch of our feet. Instead, we slid smoothly along the surface of the snow.

As Daniela said, we reached the lake by the time the sun started to set. From what I could see, the lake was about 300 meters from one side to the other. It was fairly large. On closer inspection, I could see that there were several tributary rivers as well, and one of them seemed to lead to the village. It was probably the water that they lived off of.

And it was this lakeside that Adlus had us set up camp. Water was an important part of survival. So it made sense to choose this spot. I took out our ample supply of illuminating magic tools from the hollow bag. These were the ones I gathered after the orc battle. I carried them around for times like these.

“Hmm, that seems like a little too much.”

“Would you like to eat in the dark?”

“I was joking. Put them here.”

I joked while putting them up in Adlus’s ten. Yes, it was better with some light.

There was a table set up inside of the tent, and a map was laid out on it. There was the lake and rivers. And of course, a red ‘X.’ It was Namila village.

“…Okay. Allow me to explain our strategy before we sit down to eat.”

Adlus said as he raised his head and looked around him. Currently, it was just me, Daniela and Manager that were here. As we were different from the others in level and rank, the guild was allowing us to plan everything. Of course, Adlus was still the leader.

“We will go upriver and reach Namila village. Both sides of the rivers are surrounded in hills, which will hide us from any eyes near the village. They would have to come close and look down. But there are lots of plants to hide in as well, which should give us ample time before we are discovered.”

Adlus traced his hand from the lake to the river and then to the village.

“How are we going to cross the river?”

“You, Asagi, are going to freeze it with ice magic. I’m not asking you to freeze the entire thing. Just a part of the surface. Surely you can do that?”

“Uh, sure.”

Now, if he were asking me to create a dam and freeze the entire thing, I would have frozen him on the spot. But if it was just some of the surface, it shouldn’t be a problem.

“So, we shouldn’t have any trouble reaching the village. Once we are there, I will use the river as a medium and activate my water magic and use it to surround the village.”

“Really? You can do magic on that scale?”

“It’s only a wall. It won’t automatically attack monsters that approach it. All it will do is move the water to create a thick and tall wall.”

Daniela still looked like she could hardly believe it, but Adlus chuckled and brushed it aside. Indeed, judging by what I saw at the tournament, it probably wasn’t that hard for him to do.

“And then we will kill the goblins within the village. I think that we shouldn’t have any trouble with two rubies and ten jades.”

“And what will the other jades be doing?”

“They will kill the goblins that are outside of the village.”

As we were liberating the village, you would think the goblins would all be inside of it, but Adlus thought differently. He said that monsters that caused stampedes had a tendency of giving birth to mutants with strangely high intelligence. Perhaps there was one such being here, who was able to strategize.

“Besides, our information tells us that there are lots of places, such as the hills and shrubs, where you can hide. There will definitely be goblins there. We need all of them to be killed.”

“I see. It will be safer to kill them all at once.”

“Indeed. Any questions?”

Daniela quickly raised her hand.

“Who will lead the attack within the village?”

“You and Asagi. Rindo will lead the team outside. I thought that you wouldn’t have any problem with that, Rindo…”

“I don’t. And I’ll do it.”

So Daniela and I would fight the goblins in the village. Manager would be outside. Adlus would keep the wall up. The others would kill any who slipped passed us.

“Any more questions?”

Daniela raised her hand again.


“I am starving. May we eat soon?”




Adlus didn’t know what to say. Manager chuckled. I sighed.

“Very well. You are dismissed.”

Daniela was the first out of the tent. Manager and I followed after her.

When I caught up with Daniela, both of her hands were already filled with food. I sighed again. Naturally.

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  1. Just a quick English note: Sleighs and sleds have “runners” not “skids”. I’m pretty sure the only difference between a “runner”, a “skid” and a “ski” is what it is attached to, but that’s the terminology for sleighs.

  2. Jawbrie, hi! Thanks for everything! Typo:

    As we were liberating the village, you would thing the goblins would all be inside of it…
    ➡️ As we were liberating the village, you would *think* the goblins would all be inside of it…

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