Jack of all Trades – 299


That’s the way it has always been. That’s how I survived in this world. My time in this world had not been that long, but it was more eventful than all the years I lived before it.

And yet, even someone like me was capable of helping others. That was something I learned. The day that I first killed someone, I also saved a small girl. It was a painful experience, but the thing I felt more than anything was joy over saving her.

“…Yes…yes, I understand. Now that I think about it, you have always acted that way. You are not capable of ignoring someone that is in need of help. I know that more than anyone…”

Daniela let go of my arm and smiled with resignation.

“That’s my nature…I guess. I never really thought about it until now. But that’s just how I am.”

“Yes. It is how you are. And I would prefer it that you live as yourself, Asagi.”

I couldn’t suppress the overwhelming emotion rising up within me. And before I knew it, I was embracing her tightly.

“Thank you… It’s because of you that I can still fight, Daniela.”



Her arms slowly rose to my back. Then she hugged me, much tighter than I had her. And then our lips drew towards each other. The platinum eyelashes closed over her jade-colored eyes, and her lips and my lips…

“Well, I suppose we should hold a war council then.”

We moved away as if Adlus’s voice had torn us apart.

  □   □   □   □

The meeting began two minutes later. Well, since we were outside, we were all still standing. But there was a table made of ice in the center that the seven of us stood around. Adlus, Manager, Daniela, me, and three scouts. Perhaps we were his favorites.

“Now, please repeat your findings to Asagi and Daniela.”


Anis, the short-haired scout leader, turned to us with a sharp expression. It made you want to straighten your back.

“There is a large cavity near the base of the Nise Yggdra Tree. And when we searched with Presence Detection, we sensed numerous monsters below. Even around the tree, there were many claw marks and filth that further confirmed that this was the goblin nest.”

Hmm. Daniela nodded.

“But did you see them?”

“Yes. We observed them both outside and inside of the nest.”

“And how was it inside?”


Anis’s eyebrows lowered and she suddenly seemed hesitant.

“We do not have the Night Eyes skill, so we could not clearly make out what it was like. However, we could tell that there were many goblins by using Presence Detection. That is for certain.”

“I see… So that’s where I come in.”

I looked at Anis with Night Eyes and she looked surprised. She had a very expressive face.

“Thankfully, I also have equipment that goes well with Presence Block, so I should be able to find out what is happening.”

“You have many skills…”

She looked a little discouraged. I shook my head.

“But I’m a master with none of them. You can’t beat a professional. In fact, I was hoping you could teach me a few things later.”

“If there is anything that I can help you with…”

Then she straightened her posture and did a perfect ninety-degree bow. And so I frantically bowed my head as well. 

“What are you doing…”

Adlus looked at us coldly. Anis suddenly seemed embarrassed.

“Regardless, we should expect the worst. And that is how we will plan.”

Everyone nodded and the discussion began.

It continued for some time. It soon grew dark, and food was brought to us. And still, the talks continued. This time, I wasn’t manipulated. Many ideas were brought forward and many rejected. We took short breaks in between, but I couldn’t think of anything else but the plan…

In the end, one of the Jades who was taking the night watch had to tell us rather unkindly to get some sleep.

The moon was starting to fall by the time we retired to our beds.

The next morning, we continued where we left off. Once we had thought of and discussed everything that we could, we inspected what we had come up with.

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  1. Adlus is a poor commander. Asagi is a valuable resource among the adventurers and he is capable of suppressing a stampede with little to no assistance. Yes he was needed for the knight goblin but now Adlus should be keeping him back and just holding out for reinforcements or trying to delay. If Asagi is killed or handicapped now there will be many more casualties in the future that he could prevent. There is no reason they have to completely destroy it now, especially while just heavily relying on Asagi when he is injured. If something goes wrong, which there is a high chance of when he himself isn’t sure of what he is capable of, things could be much worse than if they just pulled back. If the stampede was imminent it would be different but the goblins aren’t moving right now.

    • Wow finally some good criticism but the problem lies within the author, author haphazardly changes character strengths. For instance if Daniela was stronger than Asagi why did she leave when Asagi commanded? Considering that she got a lot more buffs right now (so because of items she is even stronger). Basically it’s stupid of us to criticise characters when author is the one who is lacking aptitude to create a consistent and good story. I do like it but there are simply too many loose ends and plot holes starting from chapter 140.

  2. In the first place!! That carefree hero should have planted an all-important tree near a village with adventurer guild so they can properly maintain and keep tabs on it. Plant then neglect was careless… xC
    These B-ranks cant use Night Eyes. They obviously didnt stay inside mines for a few days LOL

  3. Why don’t they just flood the place? They have multiple people that can use water magic and they have potions. Just have the scouts keep tabs on where the goblins come up and have hunter-killer squads kill the smaller packs that try to escape.

    Also, with so much snow around, probably won’t take much magic to use it. Not only that but if they need prep time, they could call reinforcements.

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