Jack of all Trades – 305


As for the interior, it was pretty but also simple in taste. Perhaps it would be described as refined. Regardless, I always felt out of place at such establishments.

Thankfully, they were very kind when I approached them. I showed the letter and was taken to the back so I could meet the owner, Marcera Silket.

I told them that Silket was safe and gave a brief report of what had happened. And then made the request for supplies. This would have all taken a lot more time without the recommendation.

I was thankful for Silket and the Guild Master. Things went smoothly and concluded without any trouble.

I used the check from the Guild Master to pay and put the rest back into the hollow bag. Mister Marcera looked worried about Silket’s safety at first, but I assured him that she was fine. Besides, she was in good company.

“…Hah. That was tiring… I think I’ll get a bite to eat first.”

I felt bad for those on the frontlines, but I was hungry. And so I found a place to stop by and eat. As it had been a very long time, the meat pie and chili soup were especially delicious.

After that, I had to go buy weapons and armor. The blacksmith district was just down the street from the food district. I scanned the different stores as the sounds of banging metal rang in my ears. The first store I went to looked suspicious in terms of quality, and so I turned around and walked right out. I ended up having to go in quite a few places and pick out stuff that seemed good.

“That should be enough…”

I looked at my memo to be sure that I had bought enough. It was. Swords, shields, and arrows.

There was a large variety of arrows. Some had ore stones inside the arrowheads. Ones with the fire attribute would burn your enemies and ones with the water attribute would push them back. Ice would freeze them and earth would turn the arrow into a stone spear. Thunder would paralyze and wind gave a boost in speed.

I bought a lot of these arrows and stuffed them into the bag. The archers should be happy, at least. Though, I didn’t see any arrows with the dimension attribute.

When all of the shopping was finished, I looked at the check that the Guild Master had given me. There were only ten pieces of gold left. Perhaps I had gone a little too crazy with those arrows… While I was free to spend it, I probably should have been a little more careful. And so it was with a feeling of slight regret that I returned to the Mistnas Company.

Wooden crates were stacked up to form a mountain near the entrance. They all bore the Mistnas brand and had their contents written on them. The first one I checked was…meat.

“Thanks to this hollow bag you told us about, we were able to gather a lot of food without worrying about it going bad.”

Someone said as I looked at the boxes. I turned around to see Mister Marcera standing there, and so I bowed my head in gratitude.

“Thank you. Now we’ll have a lot less to worry about when we fight.”

“Think nothing of it. You Adventurers are doing your best for the Empire.”

Mister Marcera said with a laugh.

This was everything that I had ordered. There were ten of the wooden boxes in all. Most of it was food. Though, there was one box that contained small items and tools.

I quickly got to work, storing them in the hollow bag. I just needed to open the bag and carry the box over it, and they would get sucked into it. As for getting them out, I might have to turn it upside down. 

Everything fitted in easily. I put in the last one and then carried the bag on my back. Mister Marcera watched the whole process and sighed.

“Aah… That really is an impressive bag.”

“It was given to me by a friend and is priceless to me. So I’m not going to sell it.”

“Hahaha. I am not that ungrateful. However, I am just a little jealous.”

Well…maybe priceless was an exaggeration. Regardless, it was no wonder that a merchant would drool over it. 

“Well, I better go then. Thank you for everything.”

“No, no. Please look after my daughter.”

We shook hands before separating. Ah, this really was an eventful day… I was terribly tired. This was one night where I needed to sleep at an inn. In fact, we still had our room, so I could just go back there. I felt bad about the others on the frontline, but it couldn’t be helped. Sometimes, people just needed to get a good sleep. I wanted a hot bath and a warm bed. It would be good for my morale and would result in improved performance. Yes, it was something that had to be done…

I told myself this as I bathed, ate dinner at the dining hall, and went to bed. Somehow, I managed to sleep in until it was quite late, and I had to get ready and rush out of the city in a near panic.

“Damn it… It’s all your fault, you warm blanket…!”

I still hadn’t calmed down as I dashed through the sky with Legs of the God Wolf. While I wasn’t going at full speed, my steps were long. It was just as I was nearing the Rivier lake that I saw someone below me. I slammed on the breaks and looked down with Eyes of the God Wolf.

I saw a boy and a goblin.

The boy was swinging his sword wildly while a goblin watched and licked his chops. Well, it seemed like the boy was only moments away from being killed and eaten. That wasn’t something I could ignore, and so I changed direction and unsheathed the Velnoir. That’s when the goblin hit the sword out of the boy’s hand.

“Damn it…!”

I raised my speed and descended while swinging the dark blade down like a bat. It cut through the goblin, head to crotch. The old chief from Fhiraldo would be furious if he saw me using a sword like this. Such thoughts were in my mind as I stood up and a cloud of powdered snow rose into the air. As for the boy, he seemed okay. But Legs of the God Wolf had blown him back a little.

I unleashed the wind and blew away the snow that was in the air. And then we faced each other on the clear field.

“Don’t you know that it’s dangerous here? Go back to the city.”

While he looked surprised by my sudden appearance, he didn’t back down.

“No! I have to protect the village too!”

And so that was how I met the kid. His name was Felz.

  □   □   □   □

He was from Namila Village. But he was still very young. Not even an Adventurer. And yet somehow, he had picked up a sword and traveled all of the way here from the Imperial Capital. I didn’t know what route he had taken, but I couldn’t just leave him here. Sleeping in meant I had already wasted a lot of time, and I could only use Legs of the God Wolf for so long. However, I couldn’t take him with me either. 

Well then, since he was from the village, maybe I should just drop him off there. I thought, as no better idea had occurred to me. He could hide in one of the houses for now, and then we might send a Jade or two to escort him back to the village later. I could make up for them during the battle. Yes. That would work.

“Alright, let’s go.”

“Agh! It’s so cold!”

And so I took the boy who had no sense of danger and flew off towards the village.

  □   □   □   □

On the way, Felz insisted that he would fight against the goblins who attacked his village. And so I allowed him to fight a goblin just once. Of course, I had Presence Detection activated as well as Legs of the God Wolf, just in case. Basically, if he wasn’t going to listen, he could learn the hard way. A mere boy could not take down a goblin.

“I told you this would happen. If you haven’t done it before, you’re not going to be able to do it now. Everything takes practice. That’s the important trick to living.”


He did not look convinced as I carried him under my arm. However, he was used to flying in the sky now, and so he just hung limply and glared at the snow.

“Got it? You better. Now stay quiet in the village. I’m going to send some nice Adventurers to come and get you.”

“…Send a pretty lady.”

“Shut up.”

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  1. That little shit is lucky Asagi didn’t just deck him and force him back to the capital. Where’s he get off on demanding a pretty lady? He should appreciate that Asagi is even wasting precious time on taking him to Namila Village even after being made vividly aware he isn’t a match for even a single goblin.

  2. deck him? i’d whack him in the head with the broad part of my sword so that it remain etched in his skull that he’s stupid and he’s being a nuisance to everybody.. then i’d whack him again for asking a pretty lady for an escort.. that should learn him..

    • Not so rude but that kid deserved a tough slap on his face (back of the palm) with an angry statement “You just wasted time of someone who is the lifeline for people who are risking their lives” something in that matter. All in all rude kids deserve rude handling especially in medieval world it may damage him mentally but it’s better to see a timid farmer rather than a arrogant and rude adventurer in the future.
      And the usual troupe when a rude kid is changed by one encounter is overused, rude kids who are over 7y old mostly grow up being rude (to those who are weaker).

  3. Marcera Silket? Shouldnt it be Marcera Mistnas??

    I also blame the weather and the blanket when I overslept xDDDD

    Thanks for the chapter!! ♡

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