Jack of all Trades – 318


Once we had visited all the locations and accepted the key from the Karma, who would no doubt have heard about what we were doing, we would go down south to the misty hills. Though, I had no idea how an ancient elven facility could be hidden there… But we’d just have to go and search for it.

“Phew… I suppose that’s it.”

“The rest will have to be decided once we arrive.”

I had it all written down in a book that I stored away in my bag. Then I stretched my aching limbs while moving around the room. The clock showed that it was about midday. We had been talking all morning, but the passage of time seemed unusually fast. I suppose it showed how focused we were.

“I’m getting hungry.”

“Aye. We should go to that place, just as we planned.”

“Yeah. Just as we planned.”

Everything was according to plan.

  □   □   □   □

And so we returned and filled our bellies once again. The bread really was delicious. Not only that, but they were quite accomodating with our request for a takeout. Our constant harping about how delicious the food was got the attention of the baker. We elaborated and then made the request, which was promptly granted. It was all according to plan. Well, not really.

“I am stuffed…”

“You sure ate a lot today…”

“It is near impossible to eat modestly with this food.”

“I hear you.”

It was as if your hands had a will of their own. The bread and soup were a particularly strong combination.

After that, we went around browsing, also known as being a nuisance, in different stores. It was mostly just to walk around and aid our digestion. As I had done enough of this yesterday with Lemon, I was sure to browse different stores this time.

“By the way…”


“What about that weapon?”


Daniela was talking about the Queen’s Knight Goblin sword. That huge, plain greatsword. He had said something about a queen giving it to him, but there had been no goblin queen in Estarosta. So I didn’t really know where it actually came from.

I had broken it with my Velnoir. Still, I had decided to keep it in order to remember him. 

“I don’t think I will have it fixed. I’m keeping it as a reminder.”

“I see… If that is what you intend, then I have nothing to say about it.”


I killed him. And I didn’t think I was wrong in any way. But I didn’t think I should forget it.

It wasn’t the first time I killed a human. I had done it the first time to save Marie Elle. And then I did it many times after that. My emotions never died, and I often felt like vomiting after I did it. But I could control myself now. I wasn’t entirely sure if that was a good thing.

Regardless, I would have to continue doing it.

“I think I want to keep that sword as it is. Like it will prevent me from being able to kill without feeling anything.”

“…I doubt you would become like that, Asagi. I would know.”

“Thanks, Daniela.”

I squeezed her hand and she squeezed back. There was overwhelming affection in her touch, and I was so happy that I laughed out loud.

  □   □   □   □

I had thought about doing more shopping, but Daniela quickly reminded me that we had already finished preparing for the journey. It was true. I think that somewhere deep inside, I didn’t really want to leave. But I realized it now.

“That’s too bad…”

“Yes… But we cannot stay here forever. We have to move on. And we do not have much time.”

The snow would melt in a month and the warmer season would come.

“…Alright. I guess I should say my goodbyes then.”

“I will go with you.”

“Sorry. I know you don’t care about that.”

“It is fine. We meet, say farewell, and one day, reunite. Has it not always been that way?”

I nodded silently. It had happened many times already. That being said, there had not been a whole lot of reunions yet. But perhaps those were waiting for us in our future.

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