Jack of all Trades – 327


There were merchants who compared their goods with the lists they held in their hands. And there were also Adventurers with swords hanging from their belts.

Guards to escort people to this town and guards to escort people out. There was a great need for Adventurers here. And so if you were good, there would be no lack of work for you.

We watched such sights from the corner of our eyes as we followed after Bacon. And we soon reached the great river. Nicora was on the other side of it.

“Now that I think about it, I do not know what this river is called.”

“Neither do I.”

“What? You don’t know? It’s the Great Ritune River. It flows from the Alexia mountain ranges to the depth of the southern forests.”

The Great Ritune River, huh… Well, it certainly was huge.

“It goes that far?”

“Aye. Everyone in Usk knows to avoid going too far downstream. There are no more towns past here. And the south is full of danger.”

“I see…that’s good to know.”

That forest was one of our destinations. We had been thinking about going down the river and then heading south, but if the river could take us to the far depths of the forest, then that would make things much easier.

“Asagi. Are you thinking about going to the forest?”

“Yeah. Didn’t I tell you?”

“You didn’t. And that forest is incredibly dangerous.”

“I know that. And I’d like to think that I’m prepared. But regardless, we have to go.”

It was already decided. We would go to the forest, then the west island and then to the north. No one could say anything to make us change our minds.

“…Well, perhaps if anyone would make it through fine, it would be you. Especially if Miss Daniela is there.”

“Daniela’s worth a hundred Adventurers.”

“I do not care to be overvalued.”

I jabbed Bacon in the ribs as he slapped me on the back. Daniela chuckled with exasperation.

“Well, it seems that we have arrived.”


Bacon pointed at a store that had a sign that read: ‘Lontos’s Boats.’ So it was owned by a certain Lontos then.

“Hey, Old Lontos. It’s me, Yakon.”

“Ah, you came. So, you must be the one who wants the boat?”

“Yes, my name is Asagi. And this is…”

“Daniela. It is a pleasure.”

Daniela said with a bow.

“Hm. I’m Lontos. Nice to meet you both.”

I shook the wrinkled, old hand that was offered. While he was quite old, he had a firm grip. A craftsman’s hand.

Mister Lontos shook Daniela’s hand and then went back into his store while urging us to follow.

“Well, this is as far as I go.”

“Thanks. You were a great help.”

“It’s nothing. This is also part of my job.”

We shook Bacon’s hand as well.

“We’ll be leaving Usk tomorrow. You should come and see us off.”

“I know. Later then.”

“Aye, later.”

And with that, he returned towards the town. I could see that passersby were waving and smiling at him. He sure was popular… I liked him myself. He was very open and easy to talk to. I liked people like that…

Now, we couldn’t keep Mister Lontos waiting. And so we stepped into the store.

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  1. Damn it Asagi the story isn’t over just yet! Stop getting sentimental and go closing off all the loose ends just yet!

  2. Not gonna lie… I hope that this will either get animated based on novel without skipping much or not get animated at all cause I dont want to see such great novel get ruined by becoming normie anime that skips a lot of novel stuff

    • From an anime point of view (or any TV show for that matter), trying to follow this novel as written would make it difficult to find an audience. The story is a bit bipolar. You have the slow, sedate travel and exploring the world kind of pacing as Asagi travels around and experiences the different towns. Then there are all of the people that he meets and befriends along the way. Perfect for a Slice of Life kind of audience.

      And then you get a long stretch of action that is intense and action packed. This isn’t stuff the MC should be light hearted about, the mood should be serious and intense. Almost the opposite of the rest of the story. Flipping between the two moods makes it difficult to appeal to a broader audience. After all, you only get the people that like both styles of story. Whoever writes the script for the anime would be very tempted to simplify and shorten parts of the story to appeal more towards their target audience.

      Generally speaking, most adaptations would abbreviate the fluffy parts of the story and focus on the action. However, in this series I could see a writer focusing more on the daily interactions and making the combat parts less intense and more light hearted in an attempt to maintain the Slice of Life audience’s mood. Personally I think that would be a mistake, what makes this series good is it getting serious when it comes to combat while exploring the everyday world around the MC.

      • yes thats why I dont want it to get animated cause if they wanted to make the mood into this novel into anime then it would be impossible and would either end as trash or they would turn it into normal isekai focusing just on fights which would skip everything thats original to this story and as you said they cannot make slice of life from this cause of that its in dark fantasy world and author gets serious in fights

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