Jack of all Trades – 44


“Fine, I’ll try it.”

“I knew you would! Now, please give me your status card.”


My sole form of identification was taken as a guarantee. This guy was not going to let anything slip.


And so I tried the shirt on in a fitting room. Hmm… It felt like any other shirt, texture-wise. Like it was a 100% cotton. I put on my uniform and light armor over it and came out of the room.


“Now, please come out over here.”


The clerk called and we step out of the store. There were fewer people out on this side of the street, so we were less likely to bump into anyone.


“In order to activate the AGI multiplier, you must run just a little bit of magical energy through it. I will clear this area of people, so please wait just a moment.”


So saying, the clerk told the people nearby of the effect of the shirt and told them to watch from a distance. Everyone looked toward me with curiosity. Apparently, this live demonstration was a regular event, with a deliberate intent to advertise. The onlookers called over more people, and they all lined up to watch. There were even people sticking their heads out of the windows of other buildings to get a better look. This was becoming a little embarrassing.


“Ahh, go ahead now! Run straight from where you are!”


Now that the clerk had advertised, I mean, secured the safety of the street, he went over to Daniela.


“Likely, the result will be unbelievable. I may need your help.”

“Leave it to me.”


Daniela’s blunt reply made her seem very reliable. Good, I guess I could relax and test this thing out.


“Alright, here I go.”


I said as I waved a hand. Then I pressed my heel into the ground. Magic flowed into the shirt just as I began to run.

Everything around me seemed to disappear. In an instant, I was right in front of the crowd of people. This multiplier was a bit of a cheat, huh? Most of the spectators were still looking at the store. The few who were the closest to me realized where I was and they looked at me with shock.

Then a belated gust of wind blew through the streets. I turned around just in time to feel it catch up to me. The wind was so strong that it carried other things with it. You could hear screams erupt everywhere. But it quickly died down and the backstreet returned to its calm state. Finally, the rest of the people see me and point. “There, there he is!” Then the people near the store realize it and look toward me. I smile cordially and jog back to the front of the store.


“Sorry about that. It caught me by surprise, I didn’t expect it to be so fast.”

“No… I am the one who is surprised…”


The clerk mumbles with a stunned expression and a head full of disheveled hair.


“Asagi, everyone is so shocked.”

Daniela laughs. She could laugh because she already knew what my original AGI was like. Hearing her, the crowd of people seemed to have snapped out of it, as they erupted into applause.


“Oooohhh!! That was amazing!!”

“Hey, did you see the moment when he disappeared!?”

“Damn, I never saw anyone disappear before…”

“Did he just cause that blast of wind? How is that possible!”

“That was unbelievable!”



Their voices shouted. There was clapping and whistling. It was like a festival. I didn’t like to be the sudden center of attention, but there was a satisfaction in my AGI being the root of it. It was the only thing I was proud of. The cheering increased even more once I waved at them and smiled.

For now, I just wanted to return to the store and change out of this. It was probably because I had no idea when the stunned-looking clerk might accidentally trigger the security device, causing me to explode.

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    As others has pointed out, his problem would be control. It would he hard to turn or stop where he wants to at that speed.

  2. It has been stated that agility also effects kinetic vision and reaction time so he would have no trouble stoping and controlling himself.

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