Jack of all Trades – 48


I was attacked by other grass wolves on my way there, but they were hardly a problem. I just clipped their nails and moved on. Now I was almost at the spot where I had detected something. And still, I couldn’t tell how many there were. It was the presence of something big, or wide or…damn, I still hadn’t mastered the skill completely. But really, what was this intimidating sensation? That was the one thing that was very tangible. What if it was some kind of boss version of a grass wolf or goblin?


Whatever it was, it was beyond those trees. I went closer and quietly looked through. I wouldn’t have much choice but to run if it was something too dangerous. I mentally prepare to use ‘Legs of the Forest Wolf’ as I look. And then I saw it.


Ah, are you kidding me? So it was here then…the other wyvern. I see, so the large presence wasn’t a pack. It was just one, overgrown monster. The grass wolves that had just attacked me must have been running from this guy…




Its throat growled as it lay on the floor. I wasn’t sure if it was asleep or not. But now would be the time to run. A wise man does not approach danger. That’s my motto.

But as I am about to turn around, Presence Detection catches something. Something else was headed over here. From the direction of the forest. I squinted through the trees and saw that it was a group of adventurers. Could they have been people who saw the notice on the quest board?

As I stood and stared at them, my eyes locked with one of them. I slowly put a finger up to my mouth. The man nodded and told the others in the group. They were now looking suspiciously at me, and so I pointed behind me with my thumb and suggested that they run. But the adventurers only smirked in response. What did they read from that? Was I a good-for-nothing? Or was I trying to keep the prey all to myself? It didn’t matter. I had every intention of getting out of here.


…But instead, I stop there and reconsider the situation. I would actually like to see how they would fight it. I hadn’t had much opportunity to see people fight in large groups before. I could watch and learn, it would supplement ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None’ just nicely.

As I watched, they began to brandish their weapons. They were going ambush it, it seemed. I crouched low in the grass and watched. First, one of them took out an arrow and aimed. A diversion? The first blow? I stare intently. The others who wielded swords were slowly approaching the wyvern now, so the bowman must be for support. Hmm, they are running now. Will they all strike at once? Ah, there goes the arrow. A simultaneous attack!




With a flash, the heavy blade falls towards the wyvern’s face. At the same time, an arrowhead glistens in the sunlight as it cuts through the air and pierces through the monster’s forehead. Or it tried really hard to, but dreams don’t always come true. The protection of the scales was too much for the arrow. And with the attacks and cries of the adventurers being unleashed, the wyvern opened its eyes…




It raised its head and roars. The overwhelming power of the beast is enough to make the adventurer with the sword recoil for an instant, but he quickly regains himself and prepares to strike again. The arrow was no good, but what about a sword? Now all of the adventurers were in full view. They were eight in all, and they surrounded the beast. The wyvern glared back contemptuously. And I continued to hide in the bushes. I couldn’t wait to see how this turned out…

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  1. If he hadn’t already decided he didn’t want to tussle with the wyvern, no, because he’d already decided he didn’t want to fight it, he could’ve tried to pierce its head with multiple icicles as a first attack with the intention to end it. Of course, overestimating yourself and messing up would be awful, but he’s already pulled off similar feats, he just has to adjust accordingly. (Icicles shooting up from the ground and through the orcs’ feet, aiming and shooting an ice sword as a projectile with enough oomph to damage a wyvern’s head.)

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