Jack of all Trades – 5


Shit, what was it…who was it… I haven’t felt this scared for a while… My breathing was getting harder, my heartbeat was uncontrollable. The overall rhythm of my body increases and my legs can only follow. I begin to walk faster, then to run. The sense of being looked at doesn’t disappear. Where was the forest’s exit…!?

Finally, it appeared in my vision. Between a crack in the forest. It was a wolf. Several wolves. Why. I had erased my tracks. But these wolves were strange. Their fur was a light green. So they were different than the one I had eaten…?

I shake my head and stop worrying about it. I didn’t know what it meant, but it was more important to run now. I raise my head and run even faster than before. I was panicking quite a bit now. I was trying to run while saving my energy, but I could not adjust my speed either. I was running too fast. But somehow, I didn’t feel tired. This must be what they call the power of adrenaline. I might as well get as much distance as I can. Not from the wolves, but to the exit.

I was breathing loudly when the howl of the wolves entered my ears. They must have gotten impatient. I look behind as I run and sure enough, there were about five of them running behind me.


This, this was horrifying..!! This was quite different compared to when my grandma’s dog used to chase me as a kid. These wolves had every intention of killing me!
I look forward and run at full speed. I can finally see the trees part in front of me, revealing an exit. Yes! Victory would be mine if I could only get through! If there really was a town, at least.

I push myself to run even faster. Ughh, this spear was in the way! I throw it behind me with a half-hearted hope that it might hit one of the wolves chasing me.


What, seriously? I look over my shoulder and saw that one wolf was lying on the ground. What luck! Nope. There should have been fewer wolves now that I had killed one, but there were in fact even more now…! There were at least fifteen of them running towards me and howling. Shit, I might just wet my pants. But I won’t. The exit was right there. Ten meters…five… I was out!

Right then, a blinding light assaulted me as if I had just exited a tunnel. But my feet won’t stop. I run through this world of whiteness until my vision returns. It was only a few seconds. And the scene that lay before me was what I had hoped for so much.

The gates of a town.

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  1. Huh… Just bolting towards town. It doesn’t describe the town at all, though. Is it intact? Bustling? Gate barred? On fire? …

    Hmm, I had to stop reading for a bit so I’m not sure if this is from this chapter (first half) or not… Probably is.

    Here: [Looking into the flickering flames started to make me sleepy, but I could now allow myself to sleep now.]
    This: [could now allow]
    Probably should be: [could not allow]

  2. Oof, I’m not going to lie. I expected the eventual reveal to be that the tracks led into the forest because there was a bandits’ hideout there. Not that it would make sense for them to leave their tracks behind, but maybe it was in a remote enough area that any strays following the tracks would be ambushed at the base. Who knows what sort of security measures they might’ve had in place to notice stragglers.

    On the other hand, these cliffhanger gates haven’t revealed they’re not serving some kind of bandit collective, lol.

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